May is My Birthday Month

Well it is May soon and May is my birthday month. 🙂

Again I’m doing the usual special stuff on the blog for my birthday month. For day one through nineteen I will be posting a healing book quote and a healing bike quote, and a healing poem, each day. The poems will be on the topics of reading, books, and bikes, lol.

For my birthday week I am planning, again, to do something lots of fun each day and will try to post about each of them. I’m sure there will be a post or two, for sure, on ice cream, chocolate cake, and pizza. 🙂

On my birthday I will be posting 24 healing bike and book quotes, one each hour. As usual The Littles will start out with the healing quotes, but the Teens will take over half way through the day. So count on a couple of more adult quotes, as usual, towards the end of the day. We are still putting together the quotes and arranging them into scheduled posts, so we still have some work to do in that. We are enjoying ourselves a lot and hope that yous enjoy the countdown to our birthday in May as well.

My New Private Blog

I wanted to let everyone know that I have created a new private blog for posting on being Dissociative Identity Disorder. I’m going through all of the information that I have on emails and blogs and hopefully I am not neglecting to send an invitation to any of my blog friends. Some invitations were sent through wordpress and some were sent through email.

But if I don’t have your email, or can’t find it right now, I might not have sent you an invitation. If you want to leave me a comment here or by email, saying you didn’t get an invitation and want one, let me know.

If you comment on this blog, you should have gotten an invitation. One person found theirs in their spam filter. I hope the rest of you got yours.

If you got an invitation and don’t have the time or want to be active there, no worries, feel free to decline.

Being Multiple

Okay usually this kind of tripe is something that I would normally ignore, but this time I won’t.

Being multiple is not a lifestyle choice.

No therapist indoctrinated me into believing I was multiple. No therapy made me multiple. For most multiples therapy is an essential part of our survival for years, often on a day to day and moment to moment basis as we attempt to work on healing from being sexually abused and violated when we were just little children and babies.

There are many bad therapists. There really are, but there are also great therapists. There was one case, that I know of, in which one therapist was sued for convincing some clients that they were all DID. That was more than fifteen years ago. It was not an epidemic. Perhaps there were some who were horribly violated and abused like this. I accept that therapist abuse occurs, though it is usually the sexual abuse of clients type of therapist abuse.

Although I have heard about this from people who deny child sexual abuse, I have not heard of another case that really happened, with real names, cases and lawsuits, just allegations that it happened. Perhaps it did, but anyone can say anything, proof is something else.

It is a fact that most multiples were sexually abused as children and that is why they are multiple. DID is real, whether it is in the DSM, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual or not. It is in the DSM.

It was always real and it will always be real, regardless of whether mental health professionals believe in it or not, whether it is in the DSM or not, whether society accepts and acknowledges the fact of child sexual abuse and it’s long term aftereffects or not, including whether anyone else believes in dissociative identity disorder or not.

Being multiple is not analogous to the kind of clothes I choose to wear or don’t, the types of sports I play or am a fan of or avoid, the kinds of movies I love and watch and the ones that I abhor and don’t watch, the hobbies that I am consumed by or avoid, the kinds of music I love and hate, the kinds of habits I continue to do or quit, or the quality of life I give myself or avoid.

I am a big proponent of the beliefs that we all have a right to our own beliefs and the right to voice them. Although I would defend someone’s right to their speech, I am still sickened by it. I won’t ever visit blogs like that, I am not inviting someone who believes that and writes that stuff to come here, and I won’t ever engage in a dialogue here with someone who believes that.

Being multiple is something that was done to me, not something I/we decided to do. There was a choice, the monster who masqueraded as a mother and a human being, she chose to sexually and physically abuse a baby. I, quite without conscious thought or will, broke into pieces. That was not a choice. That is psychological damage.

Being multiple is not a lifestyle choice.