Resources: Domestic Violence

International Directory of Domestic Violence Agencies (Global list of abuse hotlines, shelters, refuges, crisis centres and women’s organizations, plus domestic violence information in over 80 languages.)

Survivor Resource Pages (Forty pages of resources, non-profit organizations, articles, and healing support for survivors of child sexual abuse, rape, sexual assault, domestic violence, and dealing with the aftermath of child sexual abuse.)

Domestic Violence Handbook

What are the Effects of Domestic Violence?

The Mindset of an Abuse Victim

Domestic Violence: Are You a Victim?

Domestic Violence Against Women and Girls

Grounding/Coping Skills

Self-Soothe/Comfort Skills

Emotional Abuse

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Rape/Sexual Assault

Healing from Child Sexual Abuse



Are You In a Relationship with an Abusive Partner

Signs to Look for In Someone Who Batters

Extent, Nature, and Consequences of Intimate Partner Violence

20 Traits of a Malignant Narcissist

I Wanted Someone to Hear Me

The Meaning of “Normal”

Abusive Relationship Healing- 5 Tips For Lifting Depression After Your Abusive Relationship

There is a Way Out of Domestic Violence

Are You a Domestic Violence Survivor?

I’ve Thought About Leaving. How do I do It?

Barriers to Leaving- A Checklist

Understanding and Breaking Free From Relationship Violence

Stay or Leave? Go Back or Stay Away. An Explanation

How to Tell They Are Not Changing Their Abusive Behaivor

No Contact

The Connection Between Batterers and Sexual Abuse Perpetrators

Understanding the Victims of Spousal Abuse

Domestic Violence in Lesbian Relationships

Talking About Lesbian Partner Abuse

Domestic Violence in Gay and Lesbian Relationships

The Network/La Red: Ending Abuse is Lesbian, Bisexual Women’s, and Transgender Communities

LGBTQ Survivors of Domestic Violence

Battering and Abuse in Lesbian, Bisexual, and Trans Communities: Myths and Facts

Myths, Facts, and Statistics on Lesbian Domestic Violence

Intersex and Trans People and Domestic Violence

Trans and Intersex Survivors of Domestic Violence: Defining Terms, Barriers, and Responsibilities

Checklist (for Intersex and Transsexual Individuals)

Safety Planning (for Intersex and Transsexual Individuals)

A Note About Dealing with Helping People (for Intersex and Transsexual Individuals

When Love Gets Rough (A Transsexual Story)

The Hidden Side of Domestic Violence: Men Abuse in Intimate Relationships

The Story of a Battered Man

Aphrodite Wounded: Help for Women Sexually Assaulted by Partners

For Women Survivors of Intimate Partner Rape

Overview of Partner Rape

Marital Rape

Short and Long Term Effects of Intimate Partner Rape

Considering the Differences: Intimate Partner Sexual Violence in Sexual Assault and Violence Discourse

Falling into a Crevasse Within the Crack: My Experience of IPSV

Vow of Silence

Raped by Someone You Love

Sleeping With the Enemy

Making the Connections: Advocating for Survivors of Intimate Partner Sexual Violence

2 thoughts on “Resources: Domestic Violence

  1. Thanks for this — what an amazing resource! I’ve read a couple of the articles and will pass some of these links to my mom … really good information about how abusive relationships hook into the abused party.


    • Hi David,

      You’re welcome.

      I was in a domestic violence relationship and didn’t know it, many years ago. It took breaking up with him to realize that the only thing missing from the relationship for it to be domestic violence was the violence, which he did right before I broke up with him. The potential violence was always there, hanging in the air between us. He did everything else and it still surprising me how much it broke me down, how much it wounded me, how it only happened because I was an abuse survivor, and how when I think of having a relationship, I think of him and how he is everything that I don’t want.

      Good and healing thoughts to you and your mom.



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