Art Therapy & Creative Healing Projects 15

Make a Grounding Box

Love Catchers instead of Dream Catchers

Art Therapy to Destress Ideas:

Design a Postcard

Cut & Paste a Painting

Draw in Total Darkness

Watercolor Your Bodily State

Make a Permission Slip

Forgiveness Box for Self

An Altar/Totem to Self/Child Self

20 Art Therapy Activities:

String Prayer/Meditation Beads

Draw in Response to Music

Collage from Quote

Color Your Feelings

Map of Your Heart

Rake Beach Sand

Create Potable Affirmation or Quote

Chalk Pain Writing, then Wash Away

Art Therapy & Creative Healing Projects Archive

Healing Quotes 718

“Continue to share your heart with people even if it has been broken.”

~ Amy Poehler

Healing Quotes Teens 545

“I didn’t think it was my job to accept what everyone said I was and who I should be.”

~ Benjamin Alire Sáenz, Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

Healing Quotes 717

“From now on, people either accept you for who you are or they can fuck off.”

~ Dr. Kester Gill, My Mad Fat Diary

Healing Poems 269

At the Edge of a Time Zone

Not the midnight sun exactly, or endless summer,
just that extra hour holding steady, western
horizon stable, as though shadows won’t lengthen
when in August you can outrun the night
or feel as though you do, latitude in your favor,

North of Sioux City, the sky widens into South Dakota,
turn west and you will think you could see all the way
to Wyoming, and if you drive long enough you will,
crossing the Missouri River, the bluffs gentle,
then the grasslands, the turnoffs for reservations.

As dusk approaches, you may pass a stone house,
long deserted, a star carved over the door, a small pond,
wind stirring over it even now, forming a second thought,
a space you will carry within your speech,
your soul stirred by these great expanses.

~ Joan Hoogestraat

Survivor Quotes 78

“I survived. And that might not mean very much to anyone else, but it means everything to me. I am bigger than the abuse and I am stronger than my abuser.”
~ Anonymous,

Healing Quotes Teens 544

“Buy or borrow self-improvement books, but don’t read them. Stack them around your bedroom and use them as places to rest bowls of cookies.

Watch exercise shows on television, but don’t do the exercises. Practice believing that the benefit lies in imagining yourself doing the exercises.

Don’t power walk. Saunter slowly in the sun, eating chocolate, and carry a blanket so you can take a nap.”