Healing Quotes 725

“I like Autumn. The drama of it; the golden lion roaring through the back door of the year, shaking its mane of leaves.”
~ Joanne Harris, Gentlemen and Players

I Am Happy to Report

That I am feeling better. This is so much better than a week ago, two weeks ago, three weeks ago, four weeks ago, and even five weeks ago. I finished 10 days of the two antibiotics. Yah!

Since I was done with that I thought I might start taking the thyroid medication that I have been holding off for more than a month. It is for low performing thyroid issues. One day and I feel better in a lot of ways. I tried to get the old rotten doctor to listen to me four and five years ago. He denied that I had an issue, even though my test numbers were low, though still slightly above what was considered for a diagnosis of hypothyroidism.

I even tried a year ago with the replacement doctor at the new clinic, who refused to do anything but “watch it” and who also refused to order the test for h pylori without my knowledge until I had walked all the way back in the clinic building to the lab. She just wanted to fob me off onto the specialist and kept suggesting that I start seeing another doctor in the clinic, since I guess she thought that my issues were not important enough to request an internist. Ha! Not going to happen. I need an internist.

The doctor from last year, after I left her a complaint message about not getting the test ordered by her, wrote me a letter saying that since I did not show damage from the test I had done more than 18 months ago, she did not see any need for the h pylori test, though I could come back and have it done, though of course with my health it is hard to travel back to the clinic, so I didn’t. I really regret that. But perhaps she would have still decided that I didn’t have a big enough problem for meds. She sucks, almost as much as the previous one.

Now I think that I have a great doctor, she is really helping me to heal, and really and seriously, that is all that I have wanted and asked for from a doctor, a correct diagnosis, treatment, and healing. And here is another great thing; since she is so great to me and such a great doctor, I am not triggered by the facts that she is female, older than me, and has some extra weight on her, all triggers from my mother and her sexually abusing and physically abusing me.

Still plenty of issues to contend with, but I feel better and hope that I will keep feeling better and better. Good and healing thoughts to you all.

Healing Quotes Teens 583

“I know you are hurting. Believe me, I know how it feels to get your emotional teeth kicked down your throat so far that it makes you choke on the last shred of your dignity. That sick feeling in your gut that tells you, you can´t take it anymore. That life sucks hard and it won´t ever get better. That you´re walking on the tightrope, trying to hang on with your toes ´cause you ain’t got no safety net, and you’re barely one sneeze away from being a stain on the floor. But you´re not alone. You´re not.”
~ Sherrilyn Kenyon

Healing Quotes Teens 582

“Magic is believing in yourself.”
~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Healing Quotes Teens 581

“and i said to my body. softly. ‘i want to be your friend.’ it took a long breath. and replied, ‘i have been waiting my whole life for this.”
~ nayyirah waheed

Healing Quotes Teens 580

“Problems are not the problem; coping is the problem.”
~ Virginia Satir

Do You Think That You Can Say That Goodbye a Little Quicker?

I know that I have mentioned several times here on the blog how much I really dislike the Netflix expiration policies. For one thing you have to log in from a computer in order to see your list page with the expiration dates. They won’t appear on other devices. For another they often only give one week’s notice, and not always to end at the end of the month, so it is something that I have to keep track of and then sometimes watch something from my saved list in a hurry, sometimes something that I never should have bothered with.

Hello, enduring the bizarre socipathic-laden show Nip/Tuck. I find that show lacks even one redeeming quality and it’s inherent size hatred disturbing and disgusting. An example of that was their repeatedly shaming, judging, and refusing overweight clients while indulging and perpetuating those clients with a repetitive and compulsive desire for plastic surgery and performing liposuction on those who have ten pounds removed and performing plastic surgery on clients in their twenties. Though I’m pretty sure that probably reflects many plastic surgery offices.

I found out recently that one of my relatives thinks that it is a great show. I found it very worrisome, even though he is very psychologically mature and stable guy, I have to admit it really shakes me up when I think about it.

Oh Nip/Tuck I wish I’d hardly ever known thee.

But usually I like a longer goodbye, especially when there are a number of my favorite movies and tv shows expiring together or a long series or BBC stuff expiring. Curse you Netflix for expiring any BBC or Star Trek productions.

I’ve recently started buying some of the Star Trek movies, cause Netflix has been playing fast and loose with their morals about whether or not they have all of the Star Trek movies available all the time. Having to watch the first Star Trek movie because it was expiring was dull, boring, and interminable. But I still remember the joy I had when I went to see it in the movie theater. The return of Star Trek, it was something wonderful, wondrous, and glorious. Too bad it was such an awful movie.

No I don’t want to necessarily watch them and no I don’t see them even every six months or every year. Well I used to when I had them all on vhs. Now I realize that I may be of two opposite opinions; I like them available, I just don’t know that I want to watch them as often as I used to.

On the other hand some stuff expiring gets watched under the category we should watch it now while it is still available, but here is the deal, sometimes things not watched are not watched for a good reason.

This one movie, The Long Goodbye, that had stayed on my wish list for some time was expiring a few months ago. I have to admit I saw it when it came out originally, though on my parent’s black and white television when I was a teenager. And then I had seen it about ten years after that. Elliot Gould was in the movie, I remembered that much, and that he was a private detective in the movie. I really couldn’t remember the main plot of the movie or who was the bad guy. Even watching it only gave me a vague recollection.

I had forgotten that it was directed by Robert Altman. Even though I have seen most of his movies, they are interminable to me. Apologies to any Robert Altman fans.

The movie is about two hours long, but let me just say it felt a lot longer. The night scene at the beach is godawful, ditto on the driving around town scenes sans dialogue. And let me say thank God that old men who have long hairs growing out of their nostrils are not de rigueur in film in our day and age. Thank god for all the repulsive things you have seen that you can forget about. Similarly I’m hoping that I forget the nostril beard in the near future once again.  I sort of fast forwarded to the end, I just had to have the goodbye go quicker. And that’s what the director should have done too.