My Birthday & Day Seven of My Birthday Week

I had a wonderful day yesterday, on my birthday. Thanks for all the birthday wishes and likes of my book and reading and healing quotes.

I went out to lunch. Had cake. Had a great time with some kid relatives part of the day. And was taken out for a dinner meal as well. When I got home I stood in front of my bed and face planted. It took me a while and a tussle to get out of my clothes and then I slept until 1:30 am. It took me a while to fully wake up enough to really fully get ready for bed again, ha, I was just too wore out to really do it. Finally I woke up enough to get ready for bedtime and turn out the lights. I slept for over ten more hours.

So today was just a recovery day, but a really nice day in my birthday week as well. I did a small amount of cleaning and then there were some dishes yelling to be cleaned, so that felt good to get that organized. I found the honeydew melon at the back of my fridge this noon, and was so excited that I got to have that as a wonderful snack. I love honeydew melon. Tonight I made turkey sandwiches with melted cheese on top, and it really made my tummy happy. I love that feeling.

I’ve had a wonderful birthday week, and since tomorrow is an add on day to extend my birthday week, it’s not over with!   🙂 I’m looking forward to more.

I have lots more to share from my birthday and a few photos as well. I will try to do that tomorrow as I am excited to share about my wonderful day. Hopefully I will have the energy tomorrow to focus on what I want to say, to write it, and post it.


My Birthday Week

Well I’m sorry that I didn’t post more often about my birthday week, but I was just too exhausted by life. Being around family, even when they aren’t being actively emotionally or verbally abusive, is exhausting and I forgot to take that into account when I planned the things that I would be doing this week. Well, I am not very realistic about my/our physical limitations; it’s just not anything we have ever been good at.

I did watch some movies that I absolutely love. We listened to some audio books downloaded onto my phone more often, especially since I really try to spend time out and about with my headphones on. It gives me a lot more time to listen to books and that is a good thing.

We got out with our bike five times this week and that was great. I had planned on doing it today too, but it was very rainy so I decided to stay inside and rest up for an outing tomorrow.

The Teens didn’t get a lot of time to read graphic novels. But I made a point of giving them some time yesterday and today. We have some compilations from the library and I want to make sure they have time for that. Fitting in things we want to do is always a challenge.

The Littles watched some animated movies and enjoyed them a lot. We had several pizza parties with movies this week and that was great. I enjoy giving them things that they love and this was such an easy thing to do for them. Their joy and love of life and me just bowls me over and knocks me on my kiester. I wish that I knew that I deserved their love. I’m working on it.

We had lunch and supper with relatives and that went very well. We had a small piece of chocolate cake, though we surely would have loved a bigger piece and then a second one, but I was too full from lunch and we didn’t get an offer to take any cake home with us, bummer.

We eat pizza often so we planned on tacos for lunch and then to a Mexican restaurant for dinner and no it was not too much of one kind of food. It was wonderful and delicious. It was a wonderful birthday gift.

The day after our birthday we went to Culver’s and had a turtle sundae, which has vanilla frozen custard, hot fudge, butterscoth, and pecans, yum. It is usually the only dessert that I get at Culver’s. I always tell myself that if I went more often I would try other items, but seriously I don’t think so. 🙂

We enjoyed our birthday week so much that I decided that we would do an “Unbirthday Party” for ourselves, once a month, so I will try to post on how that goes as well.

Anyway happy birthday to you all. And a happy unbirthday as well. 🙂

Happy Birthday Happy Birthday To Me!

Today is my birthday! My birthday week is going good.

In honor of our birthday, there will be 24 healing quotes posted today, on books and reading, and they already started at 12:05, so expect one every hour after that. I know that there will be some who will like them. 🙂

I’ll try to write more tonight about how the week is going. We are having a great time and this afternoon and evening are looking like we will have lots of fun.

We are having lunch with some relatives, and some of them are kids, which will be lots of fun. Then in the evening we are going out to eat, to a place that we know we will have lots of fun at.

May is My Birthday Month

Well it is May soon and May is my birthday month. 🙂

Again I’m doing the usual special stuff on the blog for my birthday month. For day one through nineteen I will be posting a healing book quote and a healing bike quote, and a healing poem, each day. The poems will be on the topics of reading, books, and bikes, lol.

For my birthday week I am planning, again, to do something lots of fun each day and will try to post about each of them. I’m sure there will be a post or two, for sure, on ice cream, chocolate cake, and pizza. 🙂

On my birthday I will be posting 24 healing bike and book quotes, one each hour. As usual The Littles will start out with the healing quotes, but the Teens will take over half way through the day. So count on a couple of more adult quotes, as usual, towards the end of the day. We are still putting together the quotes and arranging them into scheduled posts, so we still have some work to do in that. We are enjoying ourselves a lot and hope that yous enjoy the countdown to our birthday in May as well.

Today is My Half Birthday

A very merry half-birthday to me

to me

A very merry half-birthday to me!

I am not sure what special thing I am going to do, but I will let you all know.

For those of you who think that half-birthdays don’t or shouldn’t matter after a certain age or god forbid should not be celebrated, I pity you, I sincerely do.


Love to you all.

Today is My Birthday

Today is my birthday. I love birthdays. 🙂

I am going to have chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. To me, there is nothing better.

Tomorrow is My Birthday

Tomorrow is my birthday.  Today is the first day of my birthday week and I am going to try to do something wonderful and fun each day. I will try to write about how the week goes on.

I am looking forward to spending some time on my birthday with people that I love and enjoy. 🙂