Therapist Abuse

Survivor Resource Pages (Forty pages of resources, non-profit organizations, articles, and healing support for survivors of child sexual abuse, rape, sexual assault, domestic violence, and dealing with the aftermath of child sexual abuse.)

Surviving Therapist Abuse

TELL: Therapist Exploitation Link Line

Abuse Checklist: Is There Something Wrong or Questionable in Your Treatment

Do You Need Help?

Danger Signs




Keeping the Secret

Guilt: Blaming Ourselves

Emotional Abuse in Psychotherapy

It’s Not About the Money…

The Patient’s Bill of Rights

Survivor Creativity Page

Professional Therapy Never Includes Sex (Califonria Department of Consumer Affairs)

Sexual Misconduct by Professionals: Some Historical Perspectives

Above All, Do No Harm: Abuse of Power by Health Care Professionals

Sex Between Therapists and Clients

Sexual Abuse in the Therapeutic Setting

Don’t Call it Consent: Being Groomed for Sex

Why We Stay: How Childhood Loss, Abandonment, and Neglect Can Make it Hard to Leave an Abusive Therapist

Why Did You Keep Going For So Long? Issues for Survivors of Long-Term, Sexually Abusive “Helping” Relationships

Sexual and Other Ethical Boundary Violations in Psychotherapy: The Victim’s Perspective

A Male Survivor’s Story

A Husband’s Story

Shock and After-Shocks: A Husband’s Story

Taking Action Against Your Therapist– Whatever Your Feelings Are

Taking Action Against the Abuser–Emotions and Inner Conflicts

Taking Action: A Success Story

Professional Organizations and Licensing

Writing a Licensing Board Complaint

How to Choose a Lawyer After Your Therapist Has Exploited You

Civil Litigation for Negligence and Intentional Misconduct

Letting G0

Subsequent Treatment

Advice for Subsequent Therapists– from a Colleague who Learned the Hard Way

The Problem of Subsequent Therapists and Language Deficits

Helen Bramson: Treatment After Sexual Abuse by a Mental Health Practitioner

Countertransference and Special Concerns of Subsequent Treating of Patients Sexually Exploited by a Previous Therapist

The Hypocrisy of Boundary Violations

Recommended Books

Suggested Readings