For Partners and Supporters of Survivors

Survivor Resource Pages (Forty pages of resources, non-profit organizations, articles, and healing support for survivors of child sexual abuse, rape, sexual assault, domestic violence, and the aftermath of child sexual abuse.)

What You Should Know About Rape and Sexual Assault

The Impact of Sexual Abuse

Healing from Child Sexual Abuse Resources

Rape/Sexual Assault Resources

Male Rape/Sexual Assault Resources

How to Help a Friend

What Survivors Need from Loved Ones

Tips for Friends and Family of Rape and Sexual Abuse Survivors

What the Partners of Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse Want to Know

How to Help Your Partner Cope with Male Sexual Abuse

For Loved Ones of Sexual Assault/Abuse Survivors

Child Abuse Triggers and Dissociation Pt. 3 (Helping Someone after they Dissociate)

Role of Carers and Supporters

How to Help Rape Survivors

For Parents and Partners of Rape

Watching Them Survive: A Website for the Friends and Family of Violent Sexual Crime

Specifically For Partners:

Primer for Partners of Sexual Abuse Survivors

Partners with PTSD

Partners of Survivors

Partners of Rape Survivors

For Parents and Partners of Rape

A Man’s Guide for Helping a Woman Who Has Been Raped

The Dos and Don’t for Partners of Survivors of Rape and Childhood Sexual Abuse

When Your (Lesbian) Partner is a Survivor of Sexual Abuse or Incest

Partner Sexual Abuse Questions and Answers

How to Help Your Partner Recover from Eating Problems

How to Help Those Who Self-Harm

Support for

What About Me? The Partner of Sexual Abuse Survivor

What Partners Need

A Partner’s Dilemma

Tips for Helping a Partner Heal Sexually

Self-Care for Supporters of Rape and Sexual Abuse Survivors

On the Topic of Dissociative Identity Disorder:

Dissociative Identity Disorder Resources

Specifically for Partners of Survivors with DID:

Blog: Loving Someone with DID

Organization: Positive Outcomes for Dissociative Survivors

My Experience as a Partner of a Dissociative Disorder

For Better or Worse: Life as the Partner of a Dissociative Survivor

The Road Less Travelled Part One: How to Support Your DID Partner (Part 1)

The Road Less Travelled Part One: How to Support Your DID Partner (Part 2)

Don’t do it!” – A Partner’s Perspective on Self-harm and Suicidality

When the One You Love is MPD/DID

Partners of Dissociative Survivors

The Significant Other’s Guide to Dissociative Identity Disorder

Help! My Friend Has DID. How Can I Help?

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