Healing Quotes 778

“Rituals are a good signal to your unconscious that it is time to kick in.”

~ Anne Lamott

Healing Poems 360

poem in praise of menstruation

if there is a river
more beautiful than this
bright as the blood
red edge of the moon          if
there is a river
more faithful than this
returning each month
to the same delta          if there
is a river
braver than this
coming and coming in a surge
of passion, of pain          if there is
a river
more ancient than this
daughter of eve
mother of cain and of abel          if there is in
the universe such a river          if
there is some where water
more powerful than this wild
pray that it flows also
through animals
beautiful and faithful and ancient
and female and brave
 ~ Lucille Clifton

Healing Quotes Teens 715

“Literature is the most agreeable way of ignoring life.”

~ Fernando Pessoa

Healing Quotes 777

“What you’re missing is that the path itself changes you.”

~ Julien Smith

Healing Poems 359

homage to my hips

these hips are big hips
they need space to
move around in.
they don’t fit into little
petty places. these hips
are free hips.
they don’t like to be held back.
these hips have never been enslaved,
they go where they want to go
they do what they want to do.
these hips are mighty hips.
these hips are magic hips.
i have known them
to put a spell on a man and
spin him like a top!
~ Lucille Clifton

Healing Quotes Teens 714

“Some books seem like a key to unfamiliar rooms in one’s own castle.”

~ Franz Kafka

Radio Mystery Theater

As a part of our birthday month we wanted to share about something we used to do when we were a teenager. We used to listen to Radio Mystery Theater. It was something that I would do alone, I would go into my bedroom once a week, shut my door, and turn on the radio and listen to the anthology show, Radio Mystery Theater.

I loved this show. You can see my interest and love of mysteries was a part of me from a young age. This show was something I could do that I enjoyed, it cost nothing, and it helped me to find myself and my own interests separate from my dysfunctional family.

It was important for me to establish my identity away from my family and the activities that I did to entertain and occupy myself as a child and a teen was a way that I was able to bolster my identity and self-esteem. Reading books and valuing education did that as well. But finding shows that were uniquely enjoyed by me helped me a lot to be different and to value that.

Now I love to listen to books read aloud. We have done that a lot in the last year, getting them from the library, downloaded to our phone, so we can listen to them when we are out and about. I have been thinking that I would like to try some of the mystery theater episodes again and see how much I enjoy them. I’ve also often wondered if I would enjoy the older radio shows, especially The Shadow. I think I will try and see if I enjoy that show. I’m sure that I can find it somewhere online or at the library.

What I wanted to share the most is the suggestion is that you might try something old that you used to love, maybe you still enjoy it, or try something new that you think might be enjoyable. You don’t have to go outside your comfort zone to find something old or something new that you can love.

I included a link here where you can stream or download mp3 files for free. As well, I wanted to mention that I saw that you can listen to episodes of the show at youtube as well.  I’m sure that there are tons of other radio shows out there online for free.

CBS Radio Mystery Theater

A Youtube Playlist