Healing Quotes Teens 933

“A very cool and immediate magic trick I have learnt is entering the darkness with unconditional love.”

~ emma magenta (twitter)

Healing Quotes Teens 932

“I almost gave up on life at 3:33 am this morning, but I remembered I am a warrior for the divine forces and got dressed for battle.”

~ emma magenta (twitter)

Healing Quotes Teens 931

“Some days her superpower is simply holding her head high.”

~ @LoveNLunchmeat

Healing Quotes Teens 930

“I’m not worried about artificial intelligence destroying humanity because I know dogs will save us.”

~ dead happy, @iamdeadhappy

Healing Quotes Teens 929

“Semi sweet soul.”

~ a flood, @afloodofblood

Healing Quotes Teens 928

“We know you’re strong, but accepting help is its own kind of strength.”

~ Kiera Cass, The Selection Stories: The Prince and the Guard

Healing Quotes Teens 927

“I turned my childhood wounds into superpowers.”

~ emma magenta (twitter)