Healing Poems 187

I fight Rape Culture because
When I told my ex boyfriend about my rape
He ‘forgave’ me.

I fight Rape Culture because
I saw my baby sister age overnight
As she told me about her best friend getting molested.

I fight Rape Culture because
My closest friend was abused as a child
And he told nobody but me.
It took him 13 years to open up.

I fight Rape Culture because
My friends admit to letting their partners fuck them when they don’t want it
Then laugh it off as typical male behaviour.

I fight Rape Culture because
Saying that you’re raping someone is perfectly acceptable
If you’re playing a video game.

I fight Rape Culture because
Men tell me they are insulted when women walking in front of them start to walk faster.
As if their ego is more important than our safety.

I fight Rape Culture because
If I tell somebody their rape joke isn’t funny
I am told that I’m uptight.

I fight Rape Culture because
It won’t die out
Unless we kill it ourselves.

~ Unknown, found at Lomticks-of-toast.tumblr.com

Healing Quotes Littles 457

“Drink from the well of yourself and begin again.”
~ Charles Bukowski

Healing Poems 186

are not
or autumn

do not


Healing Quotes Littles 456

“Let your soul stand cool and composed before a million universes.”
~ Walt Whitman

Healing Poems 185

Journeys bring power and love
Back into you. If you can’t go somewhere,
Move in the passageways of the self.
They are like shafts of light,
Always changing, and you change
When you explore them.

~ Rumi

Healing Quotes Littles 455

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”
~ Vincent Van Gogh

Healing Poems 184

Water, stories, the body,
all the things we do, are mediums
that hide and show what’s hidden.

~  Rumi