Healing Quotes Teens 979-981

“Journaling is like whispering to one’s self and listening at the same time.”

~ Bram Stoker


“What’s writing really about? It’s about trying to take fuller possession of the reality of your life.”

~ Ted Hughes


“You can rebel with drink and drugs but it’s better to rebel with art and music and theater and reading and being insatiably fascinated.”

~ the library haunter, @SketchesbyBoze

Healing Quotes Teens 977-978

“Poetry is subconscious conversation, it is as much the work of those who understand it and those who make it.”

~ Sonia Sanchez


“Give your used emotions to poetry.”

~ every poet, @everypoet

Healing Quotes Teens 976

“When you confront what people actually are like, rather than what you hope they’re like, the world makes a lot more sense to you.”

~ Joy Reid

Healing Quotes Teens 975

“Sometimes that black hole swallows you.

Other times, you fight back,

And bite it.


~ Kimmie, @Kimmieluc

Healing Quotes Teens 974

“I’m not self-medicating with chocolate. The lady at the shop wrote me a prescription…

Well, she called it a receipt.


~ Unknown

Healing Quotes Teens 973

“Why poetry will always be relevant is because it does not pretend there are even answers while simultaneously looking for them.”

~ Alex Dimitrov, @alexdimitrov

Healing Quotes Teens 972

“Let’s end the day like it began. Find your completion, satisfaction, justification, or relaxation wherever you find it. Just find it.

~ Patrick Skinner, @SkinnerPm