Resources: Art Therapy and Creative Healing

Art Therapy/Creative Healing Blog Posts

My Creative Healing Projects

The Survivors’ Ink Project

The Survivors’ Ink Project Facebook Page

Art Matters

How Creativity Heals

Art Therapy: The Healing Arts

Why Art Therapy

Home is Where the Art Is

The Alchemy of Art

Art Doesn’t Kill You, It Makes You Stronger

The Expressive Arts in Counseling

PTSD and Art Therapy

Trauma and the Benefits of Writing About It

Writing for Therapy Helps Erase Effects of Trauma

Words of War, Words of Peace, Writing As Therapy

Boost Your Body Image by Journaling

10 Ways that Writing Can Help You De-Stress

Writing Heals

Telling Without Talking: Breaking the Silence of Domestic Violence

Creativity isn’t just about art- it’s about Healing

Creating Mindlessly: Getting Out of Your Own Way

Creativity as Play

Creativity and the Shadow

Expressing Vulnerability with Creativity

Overcoming the Fear of Creative Risk-Taking

Keeping a Journal When Words Fail

Creative Journaling: When Words are Not Enough

Helping Children Drew Out Their Truama

When Trauma Happens, Children Draw

Drawing Against Depression

Women, Painting and Power

Finger-Painting: It’s Not Just For Kids Anymore

Photography as a Healing Practice

Dance Like Your Life– And World– Depends on It

Expressive Movement and Expressive Art Forms

Doll Making as a Journey

How Doll Making Has Been Transforming and Healing

Healing Doll Stories

Medicine Dolls

Creating Personal Shrines

Dolls as Shrines

Zen Garden

Website: Survivors Art Foundation

Website: A Long Walk Home

Website: Arts and Healing Network

Blog: Art Therapy Blog

Website: Arte Sana: Healing Hearts Through the Arts

Website: Art of Healing

3 thoughts on “Resources: Art Therapy and Creative Healing

  1. The one I read was Creating Mindlessly

    I sometimes get in my own way when creating so this was a good one to read right now. For someone who relies on art therapy heavily having a creative block can feel like a blow to the healing process.

    This is a really good list you have here. I also checked out the one about dolls. I started making dolls as art therapy myself. I wanted to work with a traumatic experience involving needles. One doll lead to another and now I’m actually making therapy dolls for others. Art therapy is one of my best healing tools.



    • Hi Austin,

      I have made some healing dolls as well. Though not in some time. I would love to do that again in the near future.

      Well you are so talented it is hard to imagine you would have any problems in creating. Though I understand it doesn’t work that way. I love your creative work. Good and healing thoughts to you.



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