Creative Healing Blogs and Postings

The Same Sky’s Blog Entry: Worry Dolls

The Same Sky’s Blog Entry: After Much Blood, Sweat, and Tears.. finally… My Project

Tollipop’s Blog Entry: A Birthday Story

Here in My World’s Blog Entry: Some Things I Love

Here in My World’s Blog Entry: I Don’t Know Why

BlueOrchid’s Blog Entry: Six-Word Story

May We Dance Upon Their Graves’Blog Entry: Slogans for Survivor Pride Parades

May We Dance Upon Their Graves’ Blog Entry: In a Cold and Northern Town

May We Dance Upon Their Graves’ Blog Entry: A New Song

Catatonic Kid’s Blog Entry: Is Cupid Home? Tomatoes Not Included.

Catatonic Kids Blog Entry: Half Full or Empty: It’s Still a Daft Question.

Seething Consequences’ Blog Entry: Cycle

Seething Consequences’ Blog Entry: Harvest

Phoenix Ascending’s Blog Posting: About Phoenix Ascending

Phoenix Ascending’s Blog Posting: Land of the Free, Home of the Brave

Phoenix Ascending’s Blog Posting: Fault Line

Phoenix Ascending’s Blog Posting: Peter Pan

Phoenix Ascending’s Blog Posting: To the Faceless Hands that Choke

The Littlest Survivor’s Blog Posting: Wolf

The Littlest Survivor’s Blog Posting: Poetry

Emily First Girl’s Blog Entry: Jung, Mandalas, and Scribbler

Kate1975’s Creative Healing Postings

The People Behind My Eyes’ Art Therapy Postings

Recovery in Art’s Art Therapy Postings

Crackers and Juiceboxes’ Artwork Postings

Art Constellations’ Art Therapy Postings

Scattered Pieces’ Creative Expression Postings

My Monster Has a Name’s Gallery Postings

Survivors Can Thrive’s Collage Postings

Grace’s Art Blog: The Art Journey of Grace

12 thoughts on “Creative Healing Blogs and Postings

  1. Kate,

    Thank you for compiling these healing and powerful works. Seeing the creativity of expression is incredible.
    Thank you for including our work in your lists 🙂

    Take care, have a safe and happy holidays,


    • Hi Castorgirl,

      You’re welcome. I think that when I started visiting blogs nine months ago it was your collages that struck me the most of any creative healing work I saw. They are sharp, honest, brave, and full of emotion and healing. Good and healing thoughts to you.



    • Hi,

      You’re welcome. They are incredible posts on healing. Ever since I saw the worry dolls you made I have been trying to get this post done. It was the post that made me believe we really needed to have some work all together for those who were looking for creative healing or art therapy or artworks.

      Good and healing thoughts to you.


  2. What a great idea, Kate! And I may have missed it if I hadn’t linked over from Paul’s blog. I’m supposed to write a blog guest post about art therapy and I’ve been putting it off. I just haven’t felt creative at all with being so sick all the new year so far. But, maybe some of these links will re-inspire me. Thanks!


    • I hope they will inspire you. It got me going and I am doing some creative healing projects each month. I did two last month and will do two before the end of this month as well.

      Good and healing thoughts to you.



  3. wonderful list, thank you for putting this together. I use art in my own healing process and am really excited to see what others are doing.


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