Still Tired Out

I’m still tired out from my birthday get-togethers with my family. I’ve been getting sleep, but not necessarily when I need it, the past few days. I am working on that.

I had a great time on Friday with some family members for lunch. I got to spend two hours with my three great nieces and their mom, etc, at a chipotle, so I got my chipotle on for my birthday week.

My nieces are so sweet and funny and entertaining to be around.  They make me happy and make me laugh all the time. I love them so much.

I brought them some early birthday gifts, as they all have birthdays soon. I love to watch them look through the small gifts I have picked up for them, mostly at the dollar tree store, though for birthdays they all get larger presents as well.

I usually find something great for them on clearance for 50% or more. I am always on the look-out for something great, something Disney, something girlie that they will love, that is very very cheap, and yet something they will love.

One year I got them all Sofia the First dollies for a great price. Another year for Christmas I got them Disney princess dolls for $10, that were regularly priced $20.

I love doing this for them. I only wish that I had had a great aunt who indulged and loved me. I had aunts, but none of them seemed to care about me or spend time with me or ever bought me a gift. It has been my desire for a long time to be something to my family that the previous generations had not done for me. So starting at sixteen, when I had my first nephew, I have tried to be a better relative to them all. Doing something for them also makes my life better and richer.

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