Healing Quotes Teens 1025

“My ideal partner is thick, has a tough spine, travels with me wherever I go, and might actually be a book.”
~ the library haunter, @SketchesbyBoze

My Birthday Celebrations

Since I was so tired out after celebrating on Friday, the day before my birthday, I went to bed early and slept a lot. It was sweet. Unfortunately I still incredibly tired out.

On Friday, in between lunch and dinner, I went to the nearest library and then to an appointment with my chiropractor. I hadn’t been to the chiropractor for about a year-and-a-half, since I had my gall bladder removal surgery.

I had tweeked my neck and pinched nerve bad a few days before that, so I really, really needed to stop in and start back on addressing those issues. I didn’t feel immediately better, and based on past history, I knew that it might take a couple of weeks to start feeling like I was back on the right road to healing that issue once again.

(It does feel much better now, and I’m planning on going again this week and weekly for some time. He does a good job of focusing on this issue and then after  adjusting he uses acupuncture needles on both my forearms, which seems to help me a great deal, based on all the different things that we have tried to do over the years.)

So on Saturday morning I was feeling better, though still having pain and numbness issues going down into my arm and shoulder area on the right side of my back. One of my older bros and I had planned on getting together the weekend before, but I had to cancel due to lack of sleep from continued harassment and noise disturbances from the tenant below me. We had then made plans for Chinese buffet for lunch on my birthday.

My brother has an appalling lack of boundaries and a great love for teasing others. It is a challenge, when seeing him, and he always tends to resume his abusive behaviors, despite repeated challenges by me.  I know that he loves me, but love is not enough. He is getting to be an old geezer, but I still expect him to change and to treat me as though he loves and respects me. He has changed in the last six months, though not enough.

Most of our time went well. We had a nice meal. I had never been to this buffet before, I was not impressed, and I don’t think that I would want to ever go there again. It just wasn’t that good. I guess I’m used to a much better Chinese buffet place than this place was.

I know he wants to be a good brother to me, but his idea of what a good brother is not really the same as my idea of what a good brother is. I went home late in the afternoon and went to bed again early.




Friday Night Birthday Celebrations

Two year ago, for my birthday, I celebrated by having lunch at Chipotle and dinner at a nearby Mexican restaurant as well. For some it might seem like a lot to have two meals in one day. For me, it is just right, as a birthday celebration. Last year I picked something different. This year I wanted to go back to Chipotle. That was fun.

There is a Mexican restaurant that I love to go to that has a free entrée for a birthday person, with I.D. I usually go there for dinner on my birthday. But this year we went the day before, on Friday. Still, my bro paid for everything. Me and two of my siblings and one bro-in-law made for a nice meal. I always have the say dinner combination. It is a huge, full plate. When done they always ask if anyone has room for dessert. Well, no, never. Plus they don’t offer any desserts that would make me want to save room for it.

It was a full day and I was so tired that when I got home I went to bed right away. Such nice deep sleep.

Still Tired Out

I’m still tired out from my birthday get-togethers with my family. I’ve been getting sleep, but not necessarily when I need it, the past few days. I am working on that.

I had a great time on Friday with some family members for lunch. I got to spend two hours with my three great nieces and their mom, etc, at a chipotle, so I got my chipotle on for my birthday week.

My nieces are so sweet and funny and entertaining to be around.  They make me happy and make me laugh all the time. I love them so much.

I brought them some early birthday gifts, as they all have birthdays soon. I love to watch them look through the small gifts I have picked up for them, mostly at the dollar tree store, though for birthdays they all get larger presents as well.

I usually find something great for them on clearance for 50% or more. I am always on the look-out for something great, something Disney, something girlie that they will love, that is very very cheap, and yet something they will love.

One year I got them all Sofia the First dollies for a great price. Another year for Christmas I got them Disney princess dolls for $10, that were regularly priced $20.

I love doing this for them. I only wish that I had had a great aunt who indulged and loved me. I had aunts, but none of them seemed to care about me or spend time with me or ever bought me a gift. It has been my desire for a long time to be something to my family that the previous generations had not done for me. So starting at sixteen, when I had my first nephew, I have tried to be a better relative to them all. Doing something for them also makes my life better and richer.

Library Visit

For my birthday week, today, I visited the downtown library today. Library visits are incredibly wonderful treats. I try to go at least once a week. Actually I’d love to go to the library every day.

On my bike ride home I stopped at this little seating area that I like so much, which has a little water fountain, and sat and thought for a bit and ate a little snack.

Then home to have a special treat meal. 🙂 Yum.

I’m thinking of you all and sending good and healing thoughts to yous.


My Birthday Week

Today I was so tired out. What I decided to do was to rest. It was a special birthday week treat for myself.

The tenant below me has moved out, I think, so I am having a lot more peace and quiet, so I am sleeping more deeply. I noticed that right away two days ago. I have not recovered from her, that is for sure, but it is nice to see that my body is responding well to removal so quickly.

The tenant next to me, though, has decided to incorporate some of her behaviors in the last six months, since she was visiting, partying, and fuck buddying with him. A huge portion of those noise disturbances were caused specifically by her when she was in his apartment.

They did mostly stop in the middle of all of my complaining months about her and so I knew that it was indeed her who was causing the noise and partying disturbances while in his apartment, since I never complained about him and only complained about the tenant below me and most of the awful noise from his apartment stopped the very next day.

Tonight and yesterday evening, when I turned on the tv, someone from the apartment next to me, came to the area of shared wall and made repeated stomping noises etc in his kitchen area. I thought that he wasn’t that stupid, but he is pretty damn stupid, based on almost four years of living next to him. He is someone else who I could have kept complaining about and gotten him evicted.

Even though I know that I have given him a lot of tolerance, he does not reciprocate. I live in a small apartment and yet I had to move my bed away from our ajoining wall, because he keeps music on all night long while he sleeps and that was interfering with my ability to sleep at all at night for a time. This is what I would call an acceptable accommodation to living in an apartment building.

I remember the first time I listened to music without headphones. It was a Christmas album, so I think that was about two-and-a-half years ago. I put the cd on and was listening. After a few songs I could hear him stomping out into the hallway and down to my apartment door. He stood out there, with a huge malevolent cloud, for a few minutes and then stomped back to his apartment. I know that I listen to everything low, even my Christmas music during Christmas seasons, and that no one can hear any noise standing out in front of my apartment door.

That is okay, cause I am only willing to put up with only a small amount of crap from him, especially banging around and stomping, her favorite methods to try to harass and influence me into silence. After having my neighbor, below me, being in his apartment for about six months overnight every night, throwing things around and making a huge disturbance, I am totally unwilling to put up with anything from him.

Even though I would refuse to stop what I was doing, watching tv quietly, with the volume set on six to ten, that did not stop the crazy person. I certainly will not stop watching tv when I want to, not for him. Again he is another tenant who got spoiled because I listened to my tv, my computer, my nook and my phone with headphones, which I don’t do anymore.

So I am living my own life and being respectful and appropriate to all the tenants here. I slept well today and I have plans for tomorrow. And I had pizza for a treat today. If you are thinking that I am treating myself with food for my birthday week, you would be right.  🙂

My Birthday Week, Continued

We love rice krispies treats. I had not seen any pre-made at stores that are marked gluten free since going gluten free more than six years ago.

The Rice Krispies cereal has gluten in it, though they do have a gluten free version. I have seen it and actually bought it once. It tasted awful, seemingly devoid of sweetness. I don’t like really sugary cold cereal to begin with, so I know this stuff tasted awful. I don’t like adding sugar to cereal either, so I haven’t eaten it since. The rest of the box eventually got thrown away.

I have never bought it with the intention of making the cereal treat bars. The memory of the taste was just too freaking awful. I remember planning on doing it and then I replacing the box of cereal back to the shelf. Even the thought of the sweetness of the marshmellow taste was not enough to convince me to just try doing it once.

So I’ve been without a nice little treat once in a while, until I realized that my nearest Starbucks now stocks rice krispies treat bars. They don’t always have them in stock, but when they do it is a nice surprise. (I guess I should really try to make the treats for myself in the near future. I guess I will.)

For my birthday week today I went to Starbucks and had a Pike Place, my favorite,  coffee and a treat bar. Yum. Life is supposed to be made of little happy moments.

A Special Birthday Treat

This year, since I have had such a bad six months, I decided to buy myself extra special birthday presents for myself.

I had been planning on doing this for some time, but the noise disturbances just made me delay doing this. So when I knew for sure that the tenant downstairs was moving out, I decided to do it around my birthday. I was going to wait until after May 15, when she is supposed to move. But we were so excited and anxious to start on our treat that we started it over the weekend. And we love it.

We don’t have cable and use our internet access for almost everything that we see. We do watch dvds from the library and people who have borrowed us things and now watch our new tv, which was a gift several months ago. We have several streaming services, though we definitely pay less than cable. The apartment buildings don’t allow for dish services, which has less expensive packages so we would have to use cable, and that is too expensive for me to want to pay.

The special gift to myself was one month of streaming of HBO. They offer that free on their HBONow app. So I decided to do that now. We love it. We decided to re-watch the six seasons of Game of Thrones and are well on our way. There are many other things to watch as well and over 30 movies that I am interested in. I think it will be a good month.

My Birthday Week

My birthday is coming up this Saturday. Each year I tend to try to celebrate my birthday for the whole week. That is mostly because I don’t associate with my family, especially when I am most vulnerable and they tend to be at their worst. I won’t go into my family of origin stuff right now, but suffice it to say my life is always so much better without them. So for many years I have tried to over-compensate by giving myself as much celebration and joy around my birthday as possible.

A couple of years ago I also decided to start celebrating the Sunday before my birthday and continue celebrating through the following Sunday, giving my birthday week eight days. 🙂 Well I believe that we deserve it.

For today I decided to celebrate by making some treats for us. I made chocolate chip cookie mix into bars. We love chocolate chip cookies a lot, especially the flavor and the texture, but they tend to take more energy than we have to expend. The bars take a lot less time and energy. The bars came out great and we have really enjoyed them.

I haven’t slept well this weekend, thanks to the tenant underneath my apartment, so I have been up all night and trying to get some sleep during the day, as normal she makes noise and disturbances late into the night, though it’s been getting worse again lately. So I sort of decided to ignore mother’s day as much as possible, and sleeping as much during the day as I could today. She moves out tomorrow!

One of my bros wanted to take me out to lunch today, but I was just too tired out after having no sleep overnight. I really wish that I could have gone. But avoiding my family on trigger days has proven, over and over, to be an essential part of good self-care. So even though I wanted to go, it was best that I not hang out with him on mother’s day.

So I had a great time and had chocolate chip bars and a bike ride and a trip to the store where I got some great fruit; cherries, strawberries, bananas, and green grapes. My birthday week is off to a great start.


My Birthday & Day Seven of My Birthday Week

I had a wonderful day yesterday, on my birthday. Thanks for all the birthday wishes and likes of my book and reading and healing quotes.

I went out to lunch. Had cake. Had a great time with some kid relatives part of the day. And was taken out for a dinner meal as well. When I got home I stood in front of my bed and face planted. It took me a while and a tussle to get out of my clothes and then I slept until 1:30 am. It took me a while to fully wake up enough to really fully get ready for bed again, ha, I was just too wore out to really do it. Finally I woke up enough to get ready for bedtime and turn out the lights. I slept for over ten more hours.

So today was just a recovery day, but a really nice day in my birthday week as well. I did a small amount of cleaning and then there were some dishes yelling to be cleaned, so that felt good to get that organized. I found the honeydew melon at the back of my fridge this noon, and was so excited that I got to have that as a wonderful snack. I love honeydew melon. Tonight I made turkey sandwiches with melted cheese on top, and it really made my tummy happy. I love that feeling.

I’ve had a wonderful birthday week, and since tomorrow is an add on day to extend my birthday week, it’s not over with!   🙂 I’m looking forward to more.

I have lots more to share from my birthday and a few photos as well. I will try to do that tomorrow as I am excited to share about my wonderful day. Hopefully I will have the energy tomorrow to focus on what I want to say, to write it, and post it.