A Special Birthday Treat

This year, since I have had such a bad six months, I decided to buy myself extra special birthday presents for myself.

I had been planning on doing this for some time, but the noise disturbances just made me delay doing this. So when I knew for sure that the tenant downstairs was moving out, I decided to do it around my birthday. I was going to wait until after May 15, when she is supposed to move. But we were so excited and anxious to start on our treat that we started it over the weekend. And we love it.

We don’t have cable and use our internet access for almost everything that we see. We do watch dvds from the library and people who have borrowed us things and now watch our new tv, which was a gift several months ago. We have several streaming services, though we definitely pay less than cable. The apartment buildings don’t allow for dish services, which has less expensive packages so we would have to use cable, and that is too expensive for me to want to pay.

The special gift to myself was one month of streaming of HBO. They offer that free on their HBONow app. So I decided to do that now. We love it. We decided to re-watch the six seasons of Game of Thrones and are well on our way. There are many other things to watch as well and over 30 movies that I am interested in. I think it will be a good month.

2 thoughts on “A Special Birthday Treat

    • Hi,

      🙂 Yes we share that in common. I well remember a time when I was working and had all the premium channels that were available. It was so lovely. I miss that a lot. I have a great library system so lots of stuff is available, if I am willing to get on a waiting list. But there are lots of HBO series and documentaries that I have not seen. So we will have a fun month.

      Good and healing thoughts to you.


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