Dissociative Identity Disorder

Survivor Resource Pages (Forty pages of resources, non-profit organizations, articles, and healing support for survivors of child sexual abuse, rape, sexual assault, domestic violence, and dealing with the aftermath of child sexual abuse.)

Healing from Sexual Abuse Links

Short First-Person DID 101:

Discovering Serenity’s

Us Page

Discovering Serenity’s How It Feels to Be DID

Discovering Serenity’s

Living With DID

DID and Me

What is it like to be me? – I am DID

Who am I? (Questions of Identity in Dissociative Identity Disorder)

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Dissociation Blog Showcase

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Mosaic Minds

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Website and Newsletter: Many Voices

Professional Responses:

What is a Dissociative Disorder?

DID Frequently Asked Questions

Basic Information on DID/MPD

An Introduction to Dissociation and DID

FAQ Dissociation and Dissociative Identity Disoder

Introducing DID

Understanding Dissociative Disorders

DID: An Expert Debunks Multiple Images in Movies

Article Series:

Dissociative Identity Disorder

HBO Online TV Series:

Multiple Personalities

Sidran Institute

International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation

Diagnosis Criteria for Dissociative Disorders

Dissociative Identity Disorder Symptoms

How Common are Dissociative Disorders

How Common is DID?

Where Can I Go for Help?

Working within the System:

Crafts for Littles Projects

Fun Links for Littles

Littles Fun Links

Nurturing Your Inner Child

Types of Family Members

DID/MPD: Working Within the Multiple System

Chat Transcript:

Dissociative Identity Disoder

Resources for Loved Ones of Multiples:

For Partners and Supporters of Survivors Resources

Blog: Loving Someone with DID

My Experience as a Partner with a Dissociative Disorder

For Better or Worse: Life as the Partner of a Dissociative Survivor

The Road Less Travelled Part One: How to Support Your DID Partner (Part 1)

The Road Less Travelled Part One: How to Support Your DID Partner (Part 2)

Don’t do it!” – A Partner’s Perspective on Self-harm and Suicidality

When the One You Love is MPD/DID

Partners of Dissociative Survivors

The Significant Other’s Guide to Dissociative Identity Disorder

Help! My Friend Has DID. How Can I Help?

(Websites by Survivors who are DID:

Silent Symphony

Rivers Rages

Seeing Through Multiple Eyes

You Hurt My Hurt


MPD/DID A Legitimate Diagnosis

Bits and Pieces of DID

Soaring Stars/Tattered Hearts

Dissociated Survivor

Gabriella Speaks

Glass Houses

Labyrinth of People

Stephanie’s Safe Haven

Split Angels

Angel World

Website Articles no longer online that I have copies of. Let me know if you would like any of them emailed to you:

Needid.bizland.com Articles:

Beginning Your Healing Journey,  A Simple Story Explanation, Goals and Methods in DID Therapy, What to Do When Your Therapist Says, “I Don’t Believe in DID,” The Power of Creativity in the Healing Process, The Role of Expressive Activities in Healing, Recovery and Growth, Validation and Family; and Validation Makes a Difference.


Coming Out Multiple by Bob King

Multiplicity, Abuse and Healing (m-a-h.net) Articles:

Learning about Dissociation, Dissociation and Stages of Development, Using Your Dissociation Skills in Healing, On Being a Proper Multiple, Association: The Key to Recovery, Helping Your System Find or Make Safe Places, Switching, Switching Early Warning Signs, Poly-fragmented Multiplicity, Mapping Your System, MPD and Imagery, MPD and Journaling, Suggestions for Healing,