Become a Powerpuff Girl

Be one really badass super fighter. They even did a version of Jon Snow from Game of Thrones. He looks like one tough girl. 🙂

Powerpuff Girl Avatar Generator

Littles Fun Stuff 5

Learning Games for Kids

Play Kids Games

Games at Up to Ten (82 Games)

Color Pad

Matisse Pieces

Make Stop Motion Animation

Make Animation from Drawings

Coloring Pages

Music Creator (Piano)

Drum Beats

Boom Thang

Music Band

Funny Musical Instrument

Music Composer

Music Maker

State Capitols Game

State Nicknames Game

State Flowers Game

State Birds Game

Solar System Game

Multi Ball

Snowflake Game

Make a Sandcastle

Flower Hangman

Littles Fun Stuff 4

Kid Sites for Art:

MightyBook Art Gallery

Destination Modern Art

MOMA Interactive

A Few Art Museums:

Minneapolis Institute of Art (Our Museum!)

Museum of Modern Art (New York)

The British Museum

The National Gallery (London)

The Van Gogh Museum (Amsterdam)

The Art Project

Littles Fun Stuff 3

Good Sites for Kids

Kids Online Resources

World Holidays Calendar

BBC Learning

Disney Online

Discovery Kids

PBS Kids


Stellarium (Planetarium on your computer.)

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Earth and Moon Viewer


Animal Planet

Cute Overload


ENature Field Guides

Lol Cats

National Geographic Kids

Zoo Cams Worldwide

Littles Fun Stuff 2

Dress Up Online Games:

Doll Palace

Fairy Dolls

Mermaid Dolls

Summer & Winter Fairies

Dress Up Games


Art Games

Free Rice

Fun Brain

Getty Museum Games

Learn Chess

Math Games

Maze Box

Orisinal Games

Show Me

Snowflake Maker


Typing for Kids


Creating Music

Drum Online


Marilee’s Paperdolls

Read Aloud:

Mighty Books


Silly Books

Audio Stories:

Free Audio Stories

Read Online:

International Children’s Digital Library

SurLaLuna Fairy Tales

World of Tales

Littles Fun Stuff 1


Crafts for Littles

Crafty Crow

Fairy Houses

Land Art for Kids

Survivor Action Figures

Crayola Lesson Plans

Art Projects Plans

Art Lessons:

Dick Blick Art Projects

Drawing Lessons

Incredible Lessons

Learn to Draw & Paint

Talent Teacher

Online Drawing/Painting:

Art Pad

Art Zone

Color Draw Paint

Jackson Pollack Painter

Kaleidoscope Painter


Queeky Paint




Tim Tim




Butterfly Coloring Game

Color Your Own

Coloring Online

May To-Do List for Littles

play catch with doggies

talk to doggies

sit in the sun

blow bubbles


ride the bike

bike around lake

watch movies

watch tv shows

put together 100-piece puzzles

play our kids music tapes

look through some of our nature books

go to kids websites

go to library and get music and books

read kids books

take nice, warm showers

do reiki drumming

do crafts

do coloring books

play with super high bouncy ball


ice cream

go to sonic and get their cherry limeaid with pineapple pieces on the bottom.