Hello Darlings

Hello darlings.

Sorry I have not been doing any new posts lately. I have been sick for most of the last two months. But I am proud to say that I had lots and lots of opportunities to work on self-care and healing during this time.

First I got what I finally concluded was a bladder infection. That left me vulnerable and unfortunately I got exposed to influenza. It is weird to me how it took me about four or five days to figure out that I did indeed have the flu. I had chills and a small fever for that long. I guess since it was summer it took me a while to figure out that it was not the increase in use of the air conditioner with the hot and humid weather that was causing my symptoms, but an actual disease, even in midsummer.

That sickness lead to a head cold that came upon me in the matter of one hour. Now my ears hurt and my right ear is somewhat inflamed and my balance is effected. The good part is that I am well on my way to recovery. Ha! Have been hoping and praying for that for some time.

So I am back and have been planning in my mind a number of posts about what  have been up to lo these many months. So stay tuned, same Bat channel, same Bat time, or actually any time cause I do post at the drop of a hat, day or night.

Good and healing thoughts to you all. 🙂

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