Happy December

Well hello ya’all and happy December. 🙂 November sucked, bigtime. It was a bizarre Autumn and now I suspect it is going to be a very bizarre Winter. Well, good and healing thoughts to us all.

The presidential election was particularly hateful, racist, and decisive. We found it very disheartening and triggering, from the beginning of the Trumpster fire to the end result and since. I debated for about a minute whether or not to write about that here, and quickly decided that since it directly affected/effected my life, my triggering, and my healing work and healing life that it was a part of this blog.

On the other hand, I had to conclude that since I am disabled, part American Indian, a feminist, and being a human being who is also female, that, if any of you had an issue with me writing about hate speech and the triggering effects of the dumpster fire admitting to sexual assault, you wouldn’t be a reader here in the past or right now.

So yes he is triggering to us and we find hate speech very difficult to hear, read, process, or tolerate and it has always been a big issue for us, since we are a ritual abuse survivor and hate speech, racism, and ritual abuse go hand in hand.

We’ll be writing more about how we are coping and how we have been comforting and helping ourselves through all of this, rather than dwelling much on the politics of what has been going on.

We just consider this all a part of coping and dealing with daily life now, so I guess that shows some progress in how we see our life, we don’t see coping and comforting as parts of healing, or our healing work or healing life, but rather life. Not that we aren’t working on those issues as much, but rather that we see and feel this process integrated deep into our existence and daily life now. I suppose that is what happens when you work on healing for a long time, it becomes more and more an ingrained and integrated part of your life, and an essential part of your life. We think that is good.

A part of this process has been finding some great quotes to share for this month. Usually we purposely save and use quotes about Christmas most of the month of December, but we want and need to focus more on coping methods as an artist and a healer. So expect to see quotes on those areas of focus this month. At least I hope that we can gather enough to fill up the month.

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