Crafts 3

Cut Out and Keep (Site with lots of sewing and jewelry tutorials, has goth tutorials.)

Hat and Mittens from Old Sweater

Peasant Top from Men’s Shirt

Bathrobe to Housepants

A Dress from Socks

Sockies from Socks

Silk Shirt Refashion

TShirt Dress

TShirt Pillow

TShirt Memory Scarf

TShirt Wall Art

20 Minute Skirt

Old Dress into Skirt

Skirt from Tablecloth

CD Case Labyrinth

Woven Trivet

Woven Lamp

Collage Blocks

Small Serving Trays

Birch Bark Basket

Lace Lamp

Frosted Votive

Music Candles

Mini Greenhouse

Doily Mirror

Cooking with Tea: Ice Cream

Crafts Archive

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