Happy Year of the Horse

Happy New Year! Once again.

Wikipedia & The Holiday Spot

As some of you may recall I love holidays and celebrating them. So I was very happy to see the wiki article about the celebrations for the Chinese New Year. There are certain things to do days before this holiday and up to 15 days to celebrate. Though some areas of China only celebrate for only two or three days.

Seriously, any holiday that celebrates the coming spring is very welcome to me this time of year. Tomorrow is another holiday of looking towards spring. I am looking forward to finding out about what the forecast is for an early spring. I would really like an early spring, but no matter what I am confident that I, from my safe home base, will be having lots of fun, reaching out for more people in my life, working on healing, going to therapy, reading, biking.

One of the things that I have loved for years and years is conclusion with the Lantern Festival. I love lights at night, so this has always grabbed my attention and been wonderful for me to see even just photos of.

I hadn’t made plans this year on celebrating, due to being sick. But in the next week or so I will try to do something fun for the holiday and to post about it. I will have to buy some tangerines and have a little celebration of my own, as well as a nice meal. I’m looking forward to that.