Month of Celebrating Life: Walk

27. walk

Here I am walking. I love to walk. I love to hike. But because it is so painful, due to my chronic back pain issues, I can’t walk much and I can’t hike at all.

One of the biggest negative consequences of my health issues and especially with so many of them not being believed or validated or examined by my primary doctor has been weight gain that I cannot seem to effectively get rid of. I lose and gain the same five pounds over and over and over time have gained and lost and steadily gained over the last two decades. I don’t talk about my weight much in detail on the blog.

The last ten years have been the most challenging. I am not ashamed of my weight, but I notice how others react and interact with me in public. I note how negative society is about overweight people, especially women. I don’t want the extra weight, I don’t think that I over-induldge, and I don’t believe that being thin or even a healthy weight is a recipe for happiness and healing.

In the last eleven months I’ve lost 55 pounds, that makes it about five pounds a month I am managing to lose each month and not regaining. I am hoping that next month I can lose five pounds also so that I will have lost 60 pounds for the last year, at the end of May. I still have more to lose after that. I am eating better and having a few less problems for food and have done some very good healing work in those areas.

There are three nicest parts about losing the weight. 1. I don’t have the weight on my body, weighing me down, inhibiting my body movements, and causing me even more pain. 2. Weight loss helps improve all my gastro health issues, especially my hiatal hernia. 3. Walking is less painful, most of the time. For all the reasons I am better, I am grateful.