Healing Quotes 702

We read that Leonard Nimoy died. Star Trek has meant a lot to us since it first debuted on television, we were seven years old. It’s brought so many of us so much joy and connection.

Leonard Nimoy’s last tweet:

“A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory. LLAP”

Healing Quotes 516

“Live long and prosper.”

And in Gaelic:

“Sláinte ‘gus saol leat.”

Birthday Presents to Myself

For my birthday I decided to give myself some presents.

I’ve been a Star Trek fan since I was very little and the show first aired. I’ve been a science-fiction and fantasy fan since I was born. One of my strong connections to life and this world is through science-fiction and fantasy. I’ll write more about that connection in a future post.

My first present was to buy the book The Star Trek Concordance. I used to have a copy of this book years ago but had sold it to a used store during one of my desperately poor periods when I would routinely sell off my books. Normally I wouldn’t sell off a reference book like that, but it had been a Christmas present years ago by one of my sexual offenders and I didn’t want that connection to be with that book. Before my birthday I bought it used through amazon for $6. I had started watching the original series on netflix once again. I’ve missed it a  lot. I’m also pinning a lot of Star Trek photos onto my Pinterest account.

For my birthday I also gave myself the gift of commitment to find some inexpensive exercise equipment. I decided to go at least once a week to one or both of the closest used stores looking for something to buy that I can exercise with. I’ve seen some really good deals for older models for under $20. It is hard to find someone to help me transport items I may buy, but I have to try. I am proud to report that I have already found one machine. It is a manual treadmill. That means that basically the action of walking makes the belt move. It looks something like this. Pretty good deal. I use it every day. I am continuing to look for older model stationary bike and other exercise equipment.

I also took my bike in for a tune-up and necessary fixes. I deserve to have a bike that works properly so that I can travel safer and easier and more comfortably. This was something that I have put off for a long time. I am so glad that my bike rides will be so much smoother and more enjoyable. I’ve been averaging two to six miles or more on days that I am well enough to ride my bike. About a week ago I rode about fourteen miles, my top daily mileage ever.

I am also getting my Gyn exam and a mammogram done this month. My Gyn exam will be this Thursday, June 14th. My mammogram the following Tuesday, June 19th. Again, happy birthday to me.

I used to be a member of two museums and go to them. I loved that. I would be in a lot of pain to walk, but I still wanted to do it. Then I injured my hip while preparing to move three years ago.  I couldn’t go for visits any more. The often bemoaned how the city I lived in when I was in the warmer state did not have a museum. Since moving back to my home state over two years agoI haven’t been to a museum. So I decided to give myself the birthday presents of memberships to the two museums again.

So for my birthday, I bought the membership to the Minneapolis Institute of Art this month. I love this museum. I’ve been going there since a school field trip as a child. For the membership I get a free ticket each time I visit for exhibitions. Which is particularly wonderful since there is a new exhibition opening this month, Rembrandt in America. I’m really looking forward to it. There are also some of my favorite art pieces that I have got to see each time I go. I am so looking forward to that, I’ve missed them.

For my birthday, next month I am going to get a membership to The Walker Art Center. The Walker has more modern art. It takes a lot more work to appreciate and understand modern art. I remember going there once in my twenties and totally being clueless about a lot of the art installations. I just didn’t get it, not at all. I took a short class three years ago through the downtown library by a professor of a great art college nearby and it really opened up my mind and my eyes. So I love going to the Walker now. I particularly loved going to the Picasso and Frida Kahlo exhibits. And there are several rooms in the permanent collection that I love communing with.

I also have plans to go to some book club meetings. One meeting in August is on the first book in the Game of Thrones series. I am reading that book right now. I love it and I love the series on HBO as well. There is a downtown library book club and I keep hoping they pick a book soon that I want to read so I can go to one of their meetings. Guess I have to keep watching their posted choices.

Another gift that I want to give to myself is a wider social groups for interactions. There are several other groups that I want to join; one a science-fiction club, one a gluten intolerance group, and the last a large social group that gets together to play board games. I want to make my life happier and fuller and with more support around some of my favorite interests. Good gifts that keep on giving.

Bliss List Teens 2


It’s on The Teen’s list of things they want to do, read comics.

We used to buy the Star Trek comics. Occasionally I would buy something else.

We would get some others from the library. We found some kid’s comics at one library. That was great. We’ve bought some used and that is always nice to find a great deal. 

One that I got from the library recently was great, Homecoming by Patricia Briggs, based on the Mercy Thompson book series. The art was great in it. I found some magna on Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark-Hunters books. We haven’t read them yet.

Romulan Character as a Metaphor

It finally occured to me. I must be really slow on the uptake lately. It seemed so obvious, I really don’t see how I didn’t get it while watching the movie two days ago.

Captain Nero, the psychotically vengeful leader, in declaring war on the Federation, in attacking Federation ships, in committing acts of genocide, in taking prisoners, torturing them, and commiting war crimes upon them. He is a symbol. He is a metaphor.

There is a strong metaphor discernable in the movie. The Romulan War Criminal, Captain Nero, represents President George Bush.  

Here I was looking for the strong message and it was right there in the main plot of the movie.

Did they do this on purpose? I don’t know.

War Criminals, Star Trek, and Torture

Well I was hoping for more in the Star Trek movie against war, war criminals, and torture. That was yesterday. I am used to Star Trek making some bold anti-war statements, even when they are in the midst of fighting a war. I am used to them using science fiction to comment deeply on the human condition and all of it’s manifestations.

Today I realized a few things. They really said it like it is in this movie, I just wasn’t paying attention.

There is this Romulan. He is out to destroy the Federation. He requests the captain of one of the Federation ships to come aboard his vessel and he is kept against his will on the Romulan ship.

Acting Captain Spock during his statements of his Captain’s log says it all. The War Criminal, _______. Captain ______ must be considered a hostage. I don’t know why it went over my head at first. They have labeled this guy a war criminal for attacking vessels and trying to kill everyone.

Then to see the Captain in his hostage situation. Strapped down onto a table, in a round pool of water, with the War Criminal walking around in the water, interrogating him. The Captain looks wet and abused, he must have been dunked into the water repeatedly. It looks and feels much much worse than waterboarding. The War Criminal then resorts to something even worse.

Maybe I was just focusing on the story, the main characters, the action, the cool stuff that was happening. But finally it sunk in. Without being in your face about it, Star Trek made their statement and it was loud and clear.

At the end of the movie, the Captain is in a wheelchair, no longer commanding a ship. His life permanently derailed from a destiny that he was meant to live prior to his torture.

I might not be able to count on Barack Obama. I have learned that he is willing to shrink from doing the right thing when it comes to war criminals and torture. I have learned that I can’t rely on our government to enforce international laws and to guarantee that the lesson learned from the last eight years wasn’t that if you can just get away with it while you are in office, once out of office no one will have the guts to come after you, even if you are a war criminal.

As a survivor of torture I have a government to look to and admire. It’s just too bad that it isn’t my government and that the Federation doesn’t exist.

What has been learned and affirmed once again is that I can always rely on Star Trek to speak truth to power. They call war criminals and torture by their real names. They have no need to use other words, to cover up, or cover over, so they can look away and do nothing, while saying they are looking to the future. And neither should we.

Star Trek

I saw the new Star Trek movie today. It was great. I got very emotional several times. I usually do. And it was hard to calm myself down. There was a lot of action and a lot of things to feel anxiety and fear about in the film.

It is odd, but when the Enterprise gets fired upon, I react as though it is a person, guess I love it as much as the other characters in the show.

I remember in Star Trek 6: The Undiscovered Country when the Enterprise gets fired on and part of it explodes outward, I get a little hysterical each time I see that. Thankfully they didn’t show a shot like that, though there were shots and there was damage, just no exterior shots of the damage with huge chunks of the Enterprise flying away in an explosion.

But to the beginning of this story. I wasn’t very excited about going to see this movie, thought I would catch it online. I am a huge Star Trek fan and have found a lot of healing from the shows and the movies and a lot to admire in the ideals of the show and the Federation. I can’t go into huge detail here, mainly, because when I want to be very articulate I get stammering about things, so I will leave the articulate explanations of what Star Trek means to me for another time, perhaps, if I can figure out what to say.

So my plan was to catch it online. I have low back pain and often going somewhere, standing for any length of time and sitting in uncomfortable seats that are too tight causes a lot of pain afterwards. So I am an online girl now, it doesn’t guarantee a pain free existence, but it also interferes with making things worse.

Those were my plans. However it is clear to me now that I am home again that my system had all-together other plans. I guess I just didn’t take into account how many of us inside our system are Star Trek fans, and my guess now would have to be, a lot.

It started early this morning with an over-riding desire to watch film  clips. They looked great and there were several that were hilarious, I thought, with Kirk and Scotty and Bones and Spock. They really stayed with me.

Then the requests to go to see the movie “today” started. I had plans for most of the day, ride my bike to the bank three miles, go to coffeeshop, have lunch, go home. But other forces kept imagining what going to see the movie today or tomorrow would be like. I kept having these very pleasant fantasies playing in my mind.  🙂

I was about a mile from home and going past the closest movie theater. It had Star Trek on the marquee. I told the system well it will probably start at seven and that is really too late. I will be tired out by then. I was up all night, so was already planning ahead. Not being able to sleep is a big issue and one that I kind of plan my life around.

At the coffeeshop they convinced me to check in the paper for the times for the showing today. I saw there was a showing at four, so thought I would try to get to that one. All the way biking there I kept thinking, don’t be disappointed, it might not have a matinee on a Friday, but it did.

We went and it was great. We had a great time. The theater was very sparsely populated, thanks to the matinee time. Most of the people were quiet and respectful most of the time.

We just got home and we are so looking forward to seeing it again, very soon.


Live long and prosper.