The Feast of St. Gabriel

St. Gabriel is an angel who came bearing messages from God. Today is his feast day.

I thought it might be a good day to think of what messages we all bring to the world and to one another and to celebrate that today. I know I wrote yesterday of what messages my blog friends bring to me and how much that means to me, I’m Not Who I Think I Am. Today I celebrate that.

I know it is my heartfelt wish that I can bring the messages of love, tolerance, acceptance, healing, positiveness, light, and hope to all those who come to my blog and become my friends. No matter what you are going through, you are loved, you are valued, you are special, I see you, I see you in the kindest light, lit up from behind you look just like an angel.

I’m going out for lunch to celebrate. A feast doesn’t have to be about food and it doesn’t have to be more than one thing you do today. What one thing are you going to be doing today and think for one moment this is to celebrate you? Go do it.