Woke up in the middle of the night, all dizzy and nauseous, unable to sit up well. Knew it right away, I have an inner ear infection. There were signs of it coming along, but those signs are similar to other issues so I don’t really know until I start getting dizzy and nauseous.

I had been having headaches, but sometime the other medication I was taking over the weekend gives me headaches. Not sleeping well or enough the last five days or so. I had been forgetting obvious things, mind a little more distracted than usual. I knew that I was not well. Yesterday I woke up with my left ear hurting, but that can happen if my pillow slips out from me or isn’t plumped up enough before going to sleep. I was feeling more pain, but injured my knee a few days ago. Sometimes figuring stuff out is a hard thing, except when the dizziness comes I know what has been going on all along.

Taking it easy. Took some anti-motion sickness medication in the middle of the night and thank goodness for that. I slept as much as possible. I used some lavender essential oil on a cotton ball with some hydrogen peroxide and rubbed it around my ear and throat.  I gargled with hydrogen peroxide, that always helps. I used the peppermint essential oil to do my five breaths exercise. It is good when my stomach is upset, which is something that can happen when I get an ear infection.

I’m going to use some diluted tea tree essential oil on my throat and by both ears. Both oils are great for dealing with infections.

I will try to do some more self-care and comforting things today. I really need to look over some of the grounding and comforting articles I have listed on my Resources page and start making a list of my own. I’ll try to do some of that today, cause I need some good ideas that I don’t have to think of on my own. I’ll post about how that all goes.

A Bliss List

Follow your bliss.  ~ Joseph Campbell


1. supreme happiness; utter joy or contentment.
2. Theology. the joy of heaven.
3. heaven; paradise: the road to eternal bliss
4.Archaic. a cause of great joy or happiness. 

Last night I was flipping through The Woman’s Comfort Book by Jennifer Louden for an idea of something good to do for myself. I don’t do that as much as I used to. I have learned some self-soothe and self-care skills.

I haven’t been doing them regularly lately. So the book has been taken out of the shelf and I am looking at it more again.I tend to flip pages and glance over them looking for an idea to catch my eye.

Last night I saw this. Make a bliss list. Joseph Campbell, when asked, what was his bliss, replied his wife.  

Okay, I thought, that’s a tough one. Some time ago I started trying to figure out what I loved. It took a really long time. I had some great ideas of what I loved. But being multiple meant that lots of me didn’t have the vaguest idea what they loved.

We spent lots of time at libraries. We watched lots of different shows. We read books. We watched other people. We looked at things online. We tried to find ourselves in what we loved.

We know to a lesser degree what we merely like. Rather than actually looking for things we like, those were usually things that we discarded from the love pile.

We know a lot about what we hate. What we hate we have always hated. We learned what we hated from the abusers and what they believed and valued and loved. We hate those things.

But what we have bliss about that is a puzzle. I really don’t know. We think of bliss as being something even higher than loving something. I’m not sure about bliss. I don’t know if I have even one thing to put on my bliss list.

Okay, maybe one.

I first heard this on David’s blog posting.

If Ye Love Me

Thank you David.