Word of the Year for 2016

Each year I have picked a word of the year, but haven’t written about it since 2013. My word for 2013 was Sunny, and I think that was an appropriate word and a necessary word and idea to have in my life and in each day of 2013; it was such an awful year, but also it ultimately led me to where I am today.

The word of the year that I have picked for 2016 is Happiness. Perhaps I didn’t exactly pick it as much as it picked me. I have been working on ideas of happiness through my healing for some years, especially since I started blogging over six years ago.

As time has gone by and healing has occurred the areas of focus on happiness has changed, as I have grown and healed and learned more and more what happiness means to me/us, how much I/we love happiness, and how to it is necessary to focus on it and to invite happiness out for lunch and a nice talk in some comfortable chair in the shade on the grass, with the sun shining and a soft breeze blowing. We will be working on that a lot in this next year and blogging about it.


Focusing on doing things that bring us happiness through this year is our first goal for the year 2016.

Healing Quotes 220

When happiness shows up, always give it a comfortable seat.

Feziwigg, in The Christmas Carol.

Healing Goes Apace

I am healing at a good rate and still very happy with my surgeon and my surgery. My incisions are healing so well. Indeed my belly button incision is really indistinguishable from the little crease that the surgeon used as an incision point. So no issues with my incisions and no infections due to the operation. My ear infection issues had been coming on me for some weeks before the surgery, so it was not a surprise to see it go full blown two weeks after surgery, just very disappointing and tiring that it did.

I am able to walk about my apartment without a cane, which is great, and not something that I was able to do for some time, so I have to conclude that the gall bladder disease really impacted my health level and contributed in a large measure to the high level of pain that I was in for some time. During the holidays I was also able to walk around my sister’s home without using my cane, and had not done that in several years.

Getting an ear infection is something that has happened all my life, so I know that it is not something I can do a lot about to control or change without a huge change or possibly surgery, despite what the idiot doctors and doctor’s assistants at the nearby hospital clinic say. They truly are the biggest idiots. I really wasn’t well enough to travel all the way to my internist’s clinic, but after this experience I will have to because I am not getting proper care near where I live.

I only wish that those who have sent me home over the last several decades with ear infections had to endure an ear infection and then be told they wouldn’t get any help. This has happened to me so many times and is one of the two main reasons that I started using alternative health methods, and reason two is my back disability and back pain that had gone largely unaddressed, even after it was diagnosed.

Three days before Christmas and I got dizzy with vertigo when standing up out of bed and the next morning it was much worse. Lots of pain in both ears but the most in my left ear, as I sleep on my left side. Two days before Christmas and to the clinic I went, huge bother, dizzy the whole time there, and then to be told no medications would be given really made me enraged.

It ruined the next week, but especially being sick when going to family gatherings sucked big time. I was in huge pain and angry at several people the whole time I had any interactions with family. I should have stayed home. Next time I have to make myself stay home.

I am about half way healed from my ear infection. It is nice to be able to stand up and not have dizziness and vertigo each time.

It wasn’t for another couple of days after Christmas that it occurred to me to use the hydrogen peroxide in my ears to combat the ear infection symptoms. It had been more than six months or so since I had used this healing method, so I just didn’t think of it, and this happens quite often when I am sick.

I just can’t remember stuff that I need to in order to help myself to heal. I keep promising to write up a List of Life Hacks that I use, so that when I have any issue, I can look at the list and do some of the things that help, especially since I tend to blank on them when I need them most. That is one of my goals this year, something that I will be writing and posting about a lot here in the month of January.


Write up a life hacks list to refer to for when I have some health issue.

I decided to take one issue at a time and write a post about each of them instead of doing one big post on resolutions/goals. I think this will work out the best for me/us for this year. 🙂 Good and healing thoughts to you all. 🙂 Love yous.