A Few Frogs

The last twenty-four hours have been less than fun. Just a few frogs have dropped into my life. Amphibians, amphibians everywhere and not a drop of water to plop them into.

I hope that I can say I have dealt with the issues, but I’m not sure. I didn’t kiss any of the frogs and I knew they were frogs when I saw them, so that is a good thing.

I set my little space heater lower than I usually do last night. It was very cold out and I woke up with the shivers several times. Eventually I got up and felt like I was getting a cold again, great. Tonight I’ll have to work on that. Hopefully send that frog in my throat packing. 

Another frog has been popping up into my life lately. It reached it’s worst and I sort of snapped. I am dealing with it. It doesn’t do, I am concluding, to put off dealing with abusive people in your life. So I am working on that. I tried ignoring, I tried politeness, I tried kindness, now I am trying fuck you. (Are you all shocked? I am!)

I pulled a muscle in my knee, it happens usually after a gluten exposure and I took a medication to help relax my tight and painful muscles a few days ago that I didn’t know if it gluten free and safe. It wasn’t. I should have known; two steps forward, three steps back on that kind of thing. Again, not such a great thing to be hobbling around, once again. Froggie go home.

We managed to cram some good stuff into the day. I got some strawberries from the store, some of the Littles love strawberries. We are eating them right now. But I forgot the popsicles when I was at the store. Well it is icy cold today, so not so hard to understand why I couldn’t remember them.

We tried to sit outside, but no sun,  cold, overcast, very windy with a horrible wind chill to it. We played with the doggie several times and gave her lots of hugs. We love hugging doggies. I don’t know what it is, but that simple act fills us with so much love and happiness.

When I asked the Littles what movie they wanted to watch for our first day of the month, they said Princess and the Frog. I think they picked the perfect movie for the day.