I’ve Missed You All

Well I’ve missed ¬†you ¬†all. I’ve been sick a lot ¬†these past two ¬†weeks. My sinuses again. I went to the hospital ¬†clinic that is closest ¬†to ¬†me and since i didn’t ¬†have a high temp they refused to give me zpack, the antibiotic that kicks it out of me. I’ve been dizzy with horrendous vertigo for about a week.

I really should have stayed home alone for the holidays, cause I was so sick and in so much pain. ¬†I was too stubborn and too positive that the meds would help a lot, they didn’t.

The holiday interactions went well, mostly, but I ended up saying things that I should have kept silent about, because they are long standing hateful  patterns and no good comes from trying to deal with that with family, as I  have  experienced  lo these many years. So again I  got  denials, stress, bad and hurt  feelings, and no resolving of the old wounds.

Same shit, so no surprise that I still get gaslit by siblings each holiday season. And when I  confront any of them I still get to see how they refuse to connect the dots to childhood patterns of gaslighting, emotional and verbal abuse and how they treat me now.

They truly expect me to not see those patterns  repeating over and over.  They truly think I  am supposed to disconnect from myself as a  child and not be hurt or harmed by their current or past emotional and verbal abuses.  I told my sister, that was me, not another little girl, those things happened to, I am that girl, those things happened to me. It hurts when someone repeats those behaviours now. Then we had an argument that when she is frustrated with me and raises her voice and/or tells me what to do that I  should not experience that as anger. I told her frustration is an anger emotion.

Its like living in the dark ages on an emotional  level with this kind of stuff.

That is a whole ¬†bunch of posts when I ¬†am ¬†feeling ¬†up to it. I don’t ¬†feel heard or validated. So I ¬†tried to be clear, the only coping I ¬†have ¬†for this is to distance myself. I realize I’ve ¬†spent ¬†too much time and need to draw back, because I don’t ¬†want to be bossed or teased and to have it called normal and my reactions out of proportion to what ¬†is happening.

The dramamine doesn’t seem to be working this past week, though I ¬†suppose it is fair to say it is only half working, though I’ve ¬†had much better ¬†results in the past.

I’m using ¬†a lot of remedies but not much is helping. I started adding more and more things each day.

I started using hydrogen ¬†peroxide in my ear yesterday, a home remedy I’ve used in the past for liquid in my ears and it has decreased the pain and pressure in my ears right away. ¬†You put in a small smount of hp and leave in for one minute, turn over and drain. If it is potentially bad for me I don’t ¬†have anything else that works as good. Today I am feeling the best in over a week.