2 Boys

This post is about child abuse and neglect and a specific case that I have heard about recently. It might be triggering.

I was watching a news program and they were talking about two boys in Dexter, Minnesota and how they were taken away from their parents, the mother a nurse, because of neglect and abuse. Both boys were chained to their beds at night, with a lock and chain. The most recent video is not online, but here is a link to the beginning of the case.

The five year old’s bed was a stripped down crib, with no mattress, the little boy showing how he was chained, for twelve hours a day in his room with two inches of movement, he would lift his leg for his parent to lock him in, saying he thought every child was chained up at night. The eight year old proudly stated he didn’t need to be chained at night any longer, because he obeyed his parents and did not go into the kitchen looking for food.

Yeah food. They were always hungry and their lives revolved around that, because they were food deprived. The five year old was 28 pounds and the 8 year old was 33 pounds, both severely underweight. They were not being properly fed and any time they had the opportunity to go foraging for food, they did, so the parents locked them to their “beds.”

Due to the wording in the law the parents were only charged with two misdemeanors rather than felonies, because the wording of the law, requiring substantial bodily harm instead of demonstratable bodily harm, only allowed for a felony to be used on an adult who chained a child who was not theirs. The boys have been taken away from them, but they will probably only serve six months of jail time each.

I did an online search for the boys and I was very upset to see that chaining a child in our country is not a rare freak abuse occurence.

It was very triggering. Being treated worse than most people treat their dogs when you are a child is something I can well relate to. But the food deprivation cases get me crying every time, been there myself and the impact may well resonate throughout my life. And then there is the outrage.