My Poetry

ahh spring

it comes with
cold fingers

icy slushy
snow filled days
dark rainy drops
down the back
of your neck

clouds instead
of sun

stepping out
cold and dark
to land
in a sunken mess
of grass and sog

deep dark
creeping wet
burrows into

how is this
in your mind
it is

winter behind you
summer ahead
ahh spring

~ Kate

My Poetry


if it is true
that we live
many lives,
let me not
be a person
once again
let me not
struggle again
with such pain
let me not
know of abuse
betrayal and suffering

there are those
who say
humanity is the highest
form of existence
I cannot agree
so instead
let me choose
a life of joy

let me next
be a sunflower
so I can know
the sun shining upon my face
with glee
to dig my roots
deep into the soil
to be kissed
by the rain

then a butterfly
so I can know
the sensation
of flying free
and breathing deep
to smell the air
and quiver with
the anticipation
of another dawn

then throw my elements
into the air
let me travel
back to the stars,
once I was stardust
let me be it again
reveling and dancing
in infinity

~ Kate

My Poetry

I Want to Give You Pause

I want to bump up against you
I purpose my words on line
for the exact impact I want

never for the perfect word
on the perfect line

some imperfect words
with imperfect sounds
and imperfect pause

I want to bump up against you
not just with words
but with spaces
and pauses

we are interacting
you and I
in a dance

if I guide you perfectly
what have you learned
of me?

if I guide you imperfectly
in my world
you have not only danced
with me
you have danced with my soul.

I want to give you pause.

Come dance with me.

~ Kate

My Poetry

Very Little, Very Much

I had very little

so much so

I thought myself safe

from harm

safe from theft

I forgot about me

I didn’t know

others would

try to steal

every cent




no you cannot have me

~ Kate

My Poetry

Looking Out
in the cage
sorrow follows me
can’t leak out
it clings to me
in the cage
happiness can’t fit in
through the bars
in the cage
i cannot go
i think
i want
i think
about it
all the time
in the cage
the door swings
back and forth
while i stare
~ Kate

My Poetry

September 11, 2001

(written Sept. 12, 2001)

I believe
we are all
I believe
we all have
a soul

all animals
all inanimate objects
have a soul

I believe
our souls are
drawn to one
that we join
together with
the earth
and form a great
collective soul

I believe
we all need
each other
we derive
soul to soul
I believe

I believe
our souls
grieve together
for all our losses

mothers fathers
husbands wives
friends, workers, and children
Christians, Buddhists, Jews,
Muslims, Pagans;
all believers and non alike,
great souls
once great cells
have been cut loose from us
and we will never be the same
and I grieve.

~ Kate