My Poetry

Two haiku that I wrote recently. I have only written a few and find them very challenging and frustrating to work on, but I like the way that they turn out. I hope you like them. They are both based on the show Nurse Jackie that I binge-watched on Netflix when I was very sick.


Well that’s life in the

Balkins, said the dying man,

quoting an old friend.


A Haiku

Don’t eat by the urine!

the administrator screamed,

Nurse Jackie’s E.R.

My Poetry

A Rude Winter Poem

so how cold
is it?
he said over the phone

okay I’ll play

vags close up
breasts grow perky

testicles go north
though they wish
they’d gone south

snot icicles appear
toes try to run away

ears hide and weep
you hear them snuffling
under the hats and scarfs

well he chuckled
that’s what you
for living
in Minnesota

I don’t live here!
I was born here

been in 20 states
lived in 2 more

is it my fault
I have a connection
to the land?

though I develop
a sneaking suspicion
by mid-winter
that it doesn’t exist

I might be deluding
myself on that

How warm is it?

Mid-60s he says.

Go to hell!
laughter, not mine
No I take that back
it’s even warmer there

Go to Antarctica!

My Poetry

Cruelty Rejoices

When someone shows you who they are believe them.”
~ Maya Angelou

why would you say that to me?
to see your reaction
he would always say

it was the same
reaction every time
hurt dismay


I used to think
that truth
was elsewhere

now I know
he was telling the truth
cruelty rejoices
when inflicting pain

the sight of it
so sweet

sometimes kindness is the lie

in word and deed
he was telling the truth
about himself
cruelty is one
of the most honest things

~ Kate

My Poetry

Next Year is Leap Year

next year is leap year
and so my mind
started to whirl

if by next year
I fall in love
with someone
worthy of me

if next year
my body has
less pain
my mind
more clarity

if next year
I meet
someone who
wants to see me

and wants to
be with me
then let them
I say

if next year
I think
I breathe
I live


maybe, I say,
let love
come for me

but if
next year
someone loves me
and if
I love them enough

let them ask

the mind ran wild
in one moment
just figuring out
next year
the year
of leaping

sometimes sexism
works that way
without thought
showing indoctrination,
occupation of the mind

men can
offer marriage
every year
women only
every fourth

does that
mean we are
only one
fourth as good?

or four times as good?

but why can’t we
just be

~ Kate

My Poetry

One of Us Was Telling the Truth

driving home after dark
well lit street
biking along
green light
open road

suddenly scared
car swerves quickly
into bike lane

stops short
blocks me
not turning
it hovers

I yelled
telling him
what I thought
and felt

as car turned
his head and shoulders
thrust bizarrely
out the window
slurred, “I love you too!”

one of us
was sober

one of us
won’t forget

one of us
told the truth

~ Kate

My Poetry

My revenge visualizations are a grouping of poems we write that address revenge that our system feels to our child sexual abusers. They are only poems, nothing more, but some of them are more descriptive than others, as such, I wanted to include a warning about the poems, they may be difficult or unsettling to read or process. Please use caution when reading.

Revenge Visualization #7

he wakes

from dreaming

though it is

his own screams

that wake him

sweat drenched

and shaking

he shuffles to

the bathroom

attempting to

shake off the dream

of being trampled by

mother elephants

in their rage

of him coming

too close to their


returning to the


he moves to

stand by the window



I stand

staring up

at the moon

face lit,


~ Kate

My Poetry

Being Many

many petals
on one flower

many branches
on one tree

many threads
on one tapestry

many pieces
on one quilt
one whole

many people
in one body
one person

many parts
one whole
one me

~ Kate