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Survivor Resource Pages (Forty pages of resources, non-profit organizations, articles, and healing support for survivors of child sexual abuse, rape, sexual assault, domestic violence, and dealing with the aftermath of child sexual abuse.)

Healing from Child Sexual Abuse

Grounding/Coping Skills

Self-Soothe/Comfort Skills

Emotions and Self-Esteem

Boundaries Skills

Body Image


Eating Disorders

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Male Survivor Links:

Male Survivor

Recommended Books for Male Survivors

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Abused Empowered Survive Thrive


Men Surviving Sexual Abuse

The Survivor’s Self-Help Guide: For Men Who Have Been Raped or Sexually Abused

Myths About Male Sexual Abuse

The Invisible Boy: Revisioning the Victimization of Male Children and Teens

Surviving to Thriving

Resisting My Mother

Research Papers and Statistics on Male Abuse Survivors

Michael Skinner

A Boy’s Story

Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse Trust (Ritual Abuse Artwork on Home Page, May Trigger)

Rainbow Network

The Next Step Counseling and Training

Richard Gartner

Jim Hopper

Sexual Abuse of Males: Prevalence, Possible Lasting Effects, and Resources

Characteristics Observed in Male Survivors

Stages of Growth for Male Survivors

The Sexual Abuse of Males

Male Sexual Abuse Victims of Female Perpetrators: Society’s Betrayal of Boys

Female Sexual Abusers- Who Are They?

Mother-Son Sexual Abuse

Oprah Episode: Women Who Molest

It’s Not Just Men Who Abuse

Landmark Sex Exploitation Study Finds Surprsing Number of Female Abusers

Female Sexual Abusers Not as Rare as Widely Believed

Female Sexual Abuse: The Untold Story of Society’s Last Taboo

Female Perpetrators and Male Victims of Sexual Abuse: Facts and Resources

Bibliography on Female Sexual Offenders

Male-to-Male Child Sexual Abuse in the Context of Homophobia

Treatment Needs of Sexually Abused Men

Men Should Be Strong

Other Male Survivor Stories

Book Lists at

Fighting Sexual Abuse of Men Pt. 1

Fighting Sexual Abuse of Men Pt. 2