Adventures in Hummingbirds

I had always thought that I might be a hummingbird person. but only seeing them on tv, on PBS, and in films, I was never sure. Well, I thought I was sure, but I was never really, really sure.

Here is my favorite show on them from Nature; Hummingbirds: Magic in the Air. I saw it online in the last six months and it made me feel almost sure. I have to see it again real soon.

  I saw a hummingbird the first week in Ohio. See Adventures in Another State Part 2 It was a magical moment. When I saw the hummingbird I thought, oh gee I think I am a hummingbird person.

I was starting to get concerned here in the warmer state. Though my brother says that he sees hummingbirds all the time in the backyard, I had lived here for four months without one sighting.

Over the weekend I saw a hummingbird in the backyard. It had the most beautiful iridescent green wings as it hovered over some flowers on some hanging vines. It was beyond magical. And yeah I am definitely a hummingbird person.

I looked up online what the hummingbird symbolizes as an animal guide and totem. It was interesting. Here is where I found out some information: Hummingbird as Totem Animal. Some of the symbolic meanings includes resurrection, simple courage, gentle strength, and opening of the heart. It goes on to say that hummingbirds, “teach us to laugh and enjoy the creation, to appreicate the magic of being alive,  and the truth of beauty.. and awaken us to the beauty of the present moment.” Sounds pretty good.

It also says, “some of us are just hummingbird people.” Yeah. some of us are.