Healing with Humor Littles 58

“If it were an Oreo speedwagon then it would make more sense to sing I’m going to keep on loving you.”

~ danny, @Mardigroan

Healing with Humor Littles 57

“Hmmm if I had to pick my favorite Character from Jurassic Park I’d have to say it would be, the dinosaurs.”

~ great, person, @hippieswordfish

Healing with Humor Littles 56

“List of things that will Make America Great Again:

  1. Dinosaurs.”

~ Bebop Bobby Digital, @freeDone01

Healing with Humor Littles 55

“My daughter got in trouble at school for ‘reading in class’ today. Good to see her carrying on my legacy as a rebel.”

~ Goats?, @Gooooats

Healing with Humor Littles 54

“Man, Pat Benatar was right… love is a badger field.”

~ beth can’t with this, @bourgeoisalien

Healing with Humor Littles 53

“How many hipsters does it take to screw in a lightbulb?



It’s a really obscure number, you wouldn’t know it.

Healing with Humor Littles 52

“If you throw your hands in the air like you just don’t care make sure you put your coffee cup down first.

I know that now.”

~ danny, @Mardigroan

Healing with Humor Littles 51

“The good news is I found out ducks are ticklish. The bad news is the possibly illegal series of events that led me to that conclusion.”

~ Normal Human, on Twitter

Cotton is My Favorite Fabric

Cotton is my favorite fabric. I love the way it feels. I love the way it washes and stays in good shape. I love the way it looks. I love easy and comfortable and cotton is the fabric for me.

Some fabrics have other feels to them, including more lush and expensive feels, but nothing feels as good to me. I like some other fabrics, but they are more for big celebrations and parties. They cost more and care is more expensive as well. Cotton is for every day. Cotton is for my every day.

For many years I could buy 100% cotton tshirts and shirts. Only now it has gotten harder and harder to find them in the lower priced stores. They have gone back to cotton and polyester blends, of course cause they are cheaper, but the quality is cheaper as well. Polyester is plastic, it makes me sweaty and hot, uncomfortable and unnatural. Cotton does not.

About 4% of spandex is acceptable on really loose clothing, otherwise it causes me pain, think that is due to my fibromyalgia and back disability issues. Having comfort in my clothes is extremely important and I take it very seriously, as seriously as I take my other self care issues.

I really hate finding a shirt I really love at a used store only to read the label and discover it is plastic. I really hate that. I know that I can’t comfortably wear it, getting hot, sweaty, and clingy if I were to try. I’ve tried to buy and wear those in the past and it never ends well. I almost did it again recently, having to repeat over and over what has happened in the past.

I think if I could buy in the more expensive stores I would be able to still find 100% cotton much easier. I wish that I had the extra money to spend.

I recently bought some new t-shirts, with and without sleeves that were 58% cotton. It is sort of acceptable, but not really what I want and would prefer to buy.  I had to buy new items, because it is so hard to find something I like, that fits loosely, and that has a good amount of cotton in it. I look every time that I used clothing shop, but usually don’t find anything. So I have some acceptable new things to wear for spring and summer.


Healing with Humor 50

“How many times do I have to telepathically repeat myself?

~ Jim, @GibJimson