Healing Quotes Teens 945 & 946

“Not here to go to nirvana. Here to make nirvana here.”

~ emma magenta

“Bliss be with  you.”

~ chatishine, @Chati

Healing Quotes Teens 944

“Your body can be a prison cell or a spaceship, it depends on how you make use of containment.”

~ emma magenta

Healing Quotes Teens 943

“Happiness is only ridiculed by those who have mistaken cynicism for intelligence.”

~ Unknown

Healing Quotes Teens 941 & 942

“The sacred grove you seek to hide in and find solace from evils of the world is in you.”

~ human, @ssrant


“You are a garden living in a garden.”

~ chatishine, @Chati

Healing Quotes Teens 940

“Among the fiercer flowers.”

~ Guff, @theimmortalgoat

Healing Quotes Teens 939

“Your resilience and strength is proven by the simple fact that you are still alive today.”

~ human, @ssrant

Healing Quotes Teens 938

“A common hell on earth is mistaking your wounds for your identity.”

~ emma magenta