Healing Quotes Teens 910

If you think a dragon is going to solve all your problems you’re probably right.”

~ Richard Harris, @RichHarris2

Healing Quotes Teens 909

“Maybe I just need a dragon.”

~ The Getaway Girl, @The_Getaway_Girl

Healing Quotes Teens 908

“You have to dance on the inside, too.”

~ The Planet, @ShipInTheKnight

Healing Quotes Teens 907

“We are nature, and nature is holy.”

~ Carol P. Christ

Healing Quotes Teens 906

“This is not a time to curl up, give up, or shut up.”

~ Cory Booker, @CoryBooker

Healing Quotes Teens 905

“If they hate you for what you stand for.

Stand tall.”

~ Mini, @miniwheats2012

Healing Quotes Teens 904

“Art is my weapon.”

~ Ekin Onat