Healing Quotes Teens 862

“I invite you not to build walls but bridges, to conquer evil with good, offenses with forgiveness, to live in peace with everyone.”

~ Pope Francis

Healing Quotes Teens 861

“Use your privilege to destroy your privilege.”

~ Elisabeth Epps, @elisabeth

Healing Quotes Teens 860

“Never underestimate the investment you make in yourself.”

~ Unknown

Healing Quotes Teens 859

“More poetry is needed.”

~ Painted on the side of a building.

Healing Quotes Teens 858

“Be the love you never received.”

~ Rune Lazuli

Healing Quotes Teens 857

“Lord, give me the confidence of a mediocre white man.”

~ Sarah Hagi

Healing Quotes Teens 856

“I have yet to bloom a thousand times more…”

~ Qahar Aasi