Healing Quotes Littles 888

“You are what you eat,’ she whispered as she sipped her komodo dragon coffee.”

~EnvyDaTropic, @envydatropic

Healing Quotes Littles 887

“No matter how you feel right now, there is hope.”

~ Joe Biden

Healing Quotes Littles 886

“Let resistance plus persistence equal progress.”

~ Hillary Clinton

Healing Quotes Littles 885

“Sometimes you take the wrong stairs; never mind, it took you to a level higher.”

~ Matin, @I_wantMyBiitch

Healing Quotes Littles 884

“Taking my first steps towards someday.”

~ The Flawed Wanderer, @Sunshinesapper

Healing Quotes Littles 883

“Once upon an ending something began.”

~ Evif…, on Twitter

Healing Quotes Littles 882

“Photography can be used as a powerful weapon toward political and cultural change.”

~ Carrie Mae Weems