Healing Lullabies 7

Ana Latu

sung by The Kingdom of Tonga Cultural Group

Healing Lullabies 6

Chi Mi Na Morbheanna

sung by The Rankin Family

This is one of my all-time favorites. I think it is because it is Celtic, and I am deeply Celtic, deep into my heart and my soul.

Healing Lullabies 5

Don’t Let Us Get Sick

sung by Jill Sobule

I found out about this version from Ben at his blog, Loving Someone With DID. I know it is not a lullaby, but in this version it is so soft and healing, it sounds just like a lullaby.

Healing Lullabies 4

Sweet Lullaby by Deep Forest

The first album by Deep Forest consisted of two French artists who mixed modern music with an overlay of native Baka people’s spoken word.

With nature video.

Original music video.

Special thanks to Evan, at Being Elle, for sending me a link of this and reminding me of how this was my favorite song on their first album.