My Healing Altar

Some years ago I had a healing altar. I’ve missed having one ever since. I finally decided recently to make up another altar. I’ve been slowly picking out pieces of mine that I wanted to have on the altar. I’ve picked a few things that I have owned for many years and treasure. I finally decided that I consider them sacred and that they make me happy; two criteria that I have for sacred items that I would consider putting on my healing altar. So expect to see some photos this week as I start preparing my healing and sacred space.

I was going to wait a couple more months before finally assembling all the items on a end table, but finally decided that I will use the top or half of the top of my extra desk so that it is right beside me when I am at the computer desk and well within sight of my bed and the kitchen area.

Since starting on this process I have decided to put up several small altars as well throughout my space, as I decided to make healing and sacredness and personal space even more treasured and honored in my sacred home space, to really have it in every corner or space. So I am working on that too and will be posting about that more in the next week or two.

So much of my life and my healing has been inner-centered, and perhaps being multiple/DID that makes a lot of sense. But it would be more accurate to say that I have been hesitant and scared to put myself and my life out there in the world, even if only in my sacred home space, for fear of it or me/us being violated, devalued, or mistreated by others. The truth is that is why I have only allowed a few people into my space and allowing family into my space has never felt good, even when they tried to be somewhat respectful. So I guess that I have a ways to go on healing in this area of my life and my space.

I have decided that if I allow a family member into my space after things are changed then I will tell them in advance and ask them not to be critical. With my loud brother I won’t tell him and instead if he says anything I will just tell him it is my stuff and my space and his opinion is not being solicited; that seems to be a good way to stop him most of the time. Or try to change the subject, those are the only things that seem to work with him. Rules, boundaries, and limitations; they are all important things to have with a dysfunctional family of origin. It’s highly unlikely that he will come up to my apartment again, but in case he wants to, I will probably let him, if he is being nice.

Have you ever had a healing altar? What things did you have on it or would you have on one if you created it? Would colors be important? What colors? What kind of objects? I’d love to know more.

I’ll be sharing more in the next week.