Blog Comments

Perhaps I am not the person to comment on this, but I will anyway. Mostly I get great blog comments and the rest are spam. Rarely comments were misinterpetations of what I was saying or a need to argue about a different subject entirely. Those I have felt the need to comment on. Those commenters go away.

When I started blogging I found that some other survivor bloggers got harassing comments on their blogs, that they did not post and deleted. One suggested that one way to avoid some of that was to have a commenter have to be a member at wordpress in order to make comments. I did that. I also moderate all my commenters. I don’t want my readers finding objectionable comments when they visit here.

If someone doesn’t like me personally, doesn’t believe in childhood sexual abuse, repressed memories, flashbacks or Dissociative Identity Disorder; they really don’t belong here. And I won’t post their comments. I can’t imagine why they would bother being here. I can’t imagine why they would want to read and comment. I can’t imagine why they would go to other survivors’ blogs and make those kinds of comments and hurt someone’s feelings.

If someone is doing that on someone else’s blog, that is not okay. Diminishing or disbelieving survivors, even if you say you are one, is not okay. I decided to avoid any who do this.  

I won’t go to someone else’s blog and leave nasty comments. I might not agree with someone, but they will be ignored by me.

There are some comments that I have decided I won’t respond to. I won’t respond and I will delete, these comments won’t even get posted to my blog. If someone wants to insult and judge and humiliate me; they will have to do it to an audience of one. They won’t get posted here. This is my healing space.