Month of Celebrating Life: Heartbeat

28. heartbeat

My heartbeat reminds me of my heart, the force it is exerting to pump the oxygenated liquid through my body, gives me the sound of my heartbeat. Liquid. Liquid brings me oxygen. Liquid digests my food. Liquid, water, is what I am mostly made up of.

I am a water baby. Water gives me so much. It soothes me. It comforts me. It brings me into balance. It brings me peace. My sign is Taurus, an earth sign, but my soul is a water baby.

This is a photo of a very momentous spot. This is where I had a vision. I had already been to this spot many other times. It had already sustained and nurtured me for many years. This is where I had the vision of rising above the water, clocked in a warm enveloping blanket. I rose up to about thirty feet above the water, in my mind’s eye. The earth told me that I wasn’t alone and would never be alone and that the earth was my mother. It’s good to remind myself of that. I have a mother.