The Littles’ Favorite Christmas Books

Over many years I have gone to libraries and sat and read lots of children’s picture books. I’ve checked out, requested, and taken home lots of books as well. The Littles love them so much and get so much joy out of them.

I’ve already checked out and read quite a few of our favorite Christmas books, some I have even returned already, so that hopefully another child can read them before Christmas. We also checked out a few through ebooks at the library, which was great. We even got to share a few of them with some kids that we love this holiday season.

I own a few of them.. 🙂 Someday we hope to own them all.

We love them so much and wanted to share them here.

A list of most of our current favorites at amazon:

Christmas Books for Littles

Littles Bliss List #1

Children’s illustrated books

We love children’s illustrated books. We always have. We probably always will. Here is the Littles’ list of our favorite Christmas books for Littles. It might be too late to read any of these, for this year, but we put up a list at for anyone to check out, of our current favorites.

Christmas Books for Littles