Littles Bliss List 5

Being Read To. We love that, so much.

We love to go to the library and get books on cd. We haven’t found a lot of great ones, but we did find two great cd sets. That makes us think that there might be some other great littles books to listen to.

This is our favorites from them:

Green Eggs and Ham and other servings of Dr. Seuss

These are our favorite readings from this two cd set:

Green Eggs and Ham, read by Jason Alexander.

I’m Not Going to Get up Today, read by Jason Alexander.

Fox in Socks, read by David Hyde Pierce.

The Cat in the Hat and other Dr. Seuss Favorites:

These are our favorite readings from this two cd set:

Cat in the Hat, read by Kelsey Grammer.

Did I ever tell you how lucky you are?, read by John Cleese.

Horton Hatches an Egg, read by Billy Crystal.

Littles Bliss List #4


One of my all time favorites, since I was very young, has been triceratops. I remember when I first studied about dinosaurs in elementary school, loved it, loved them, still love them.

Littles Bliss List #3


I love puzzles. We buy the 100 piece children puzzles at used stores for less than fifty cents each. They are lots of fun to put together. I usually look for Disney puzzles. The animal puzzles seem to be much harder to figure out, leading to a lot of frustration, and so I don’t usually buy those. The action hero ones tend to be very violent and sometimes scary looking, but I am slowly giving in to what others are wanting and buying those recently as well.

Littles Bliss List #1

Children’s illustrated books

We love children’s illustrated books. We always have. We probably always will. Here is the Littles’ list of our favorite Christmas books for Littles. It might be too late to read any of these, for this year, but we put up a list at for anyone to check out, of our current favorites.

Christmas Books for Littles