Nicer Weather

Nicer weather has finally come. And not just for one day at a time. Well it would perhaps be more accurate to say that the weather is now normal for the time of year.

I went out yesterday without a winter jacket. I did have a polar fleece pullover on, but no gloves and no winter hat. That was lovely. I was going somewhere by car, otherwise by bike I still would have had to bundle up some.

I’ve been working on my New Year’s resolutions the last three months, refining and adapt them all. I am finding that they are working for me very well. I am trying to get them written down and posted soon, but please know that they have been very helpful and doing them have been very healing as well. Making  lists, on a huge number of topics, have always been helpful to me.

This morning I am going out early for a bike ride and a coffeeshop visit. I am thinking that that will be great fun. I am so looking forward to nicer weather.

My Bike

Unfortunately, and this really made me mad, my bike, that I have had for less than six months, got a flat tire last week. This is disturbing, because I have never had a newer bike tire get a flat in the inner tube for years after buying it. The earliest it has ever happened was after having a bike for four years. I know that bikes are not as durable and reliable as they once were, but this was disturbing in the extreme.

Then there is the fact that I live downtown and there is more glass on the roads, especially since there seems to be fender benders aplenty, and this last week, before the tire went flat, I biked through some scattered glass pieces, twice. It is sometimes hard to avoid, because the bike lane is small and at the edge of the road, both things that make my options small and my choices potentially hazardous, because of drivers and how they are and can be. It is even harder to discern glass at night.

Luckily my brother had already bought me a used bike some time ago, though I hadn’t gotten it to my admittedly small place yet. Wonderfully another brother brought it over for me and so after only one day without a bike I had another one to ride until I get my flat tire fixed on my newer bike.

It is a pretty nice bike, for a used bike. It needs a little work on it, that should not cost too much money. I kind of like it a lot. It is bright orange! So if you are Minneapolis streets and see a woman on an orange bike, give her plenty of room, smile, wave, and think of me. And think of asking me to drop into a nearby coffee shop with you, there are plenty of them. 🙂

Month of Celebrating Life: New (Beginning)

1. new (beginning)

This is my first photo of my first photo challenge. Since the photo challenge is encouraging celebrating life for this month I thought a lot today about what I wanted to do and what I wanted to photograph. Today’s prompt was new (beginning). My bike is new and I wanted to celebrate that. So here is my bike in front of the coffee shop that I went to today. I leaned it up against the building like that on purpose, just for a minute, to get the photo.

My bike means freedom to me, freedom to get around cheaply and easily. I really wanted to get a bike last spring and had been saving, but couldn’t afford it then. It’s a hybrid type bike, so it is taking some time for me to get used to it. Being new, the ride and glide of the bike is so smooth, it takes so much less effort to bike and brings much more enjoyment in getting around more.

Just Overtired

I didn’t get any sleep Monday night so I am overtired. I’m hoping that I am not too tired to fall asleep. I planned on trying to go to bed, but then couldn’t. I’m going to try again soon in a few minutes. A few people that I know have colds and flus. I really don’t want to go through that again so soon and am trying to avoid it.

Tuesday I did a nice bike ride, about seven miles. I am planning on doing the same for the next couple of days. Any temperatures above freezing and I am dragging out my bike and planning on a bike ride of seven miles plus. I am loving to get out and about.