Healing Quotes 294

In a good bookroom you feel in some mysterious way that you are absorbing the wisdom contained in all the books through your skin, without even opening them.

~ Mark Twain

Cycle of Healing

Last June, my blog friend Jenny at ArtConstellation and some of her friends started the blog Cycle of Healing. I joined right away.

It is a group blog of survivors of abuse who post writings, poetry, art. They also allow others to post anonymously at the blog by submitting at the email posted at the blog.

I haven’t written about Cycle of Healing here, because, mostly I never know what to say. Basically I wanted to say that I love Cycle of Healing and go there often to read. I don’t post there much, but I am trying to do that more.

Boundaries Articles


Survivor Resource Pages (Forty pages of resources, non-profit organizations, articles, and healing support for survivors of child sexual abuse, rape, sexual assault, domestic violence, and dealing with the aftermath of child sexual abuse.)

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Ten Steps to Setting Limits: Another Way to Take Care of Yourself

Setting Healthy Boundaries: An Emotional Bill of Rights for Child Abuse Survivors

Setting Healthy Boundaries with Abusive Parents

Boundaries for Survivors

Boundaries and Respect


No is a Complete Sentence

People Pleasing- Having Trouble Saying No

Learning How to Say No

The Art and Craft of Saying No

The Halfhearted Yes: Why We Don’t Say No and How to Start