Pez Advent Presents

I finally checked online and found that Pez is apparently gluten free. For years I have gotten requests for Christmas-related Pez dispensers from some in our system. Usually I put off buying them or forget to check if they are gluten free or just say no. This year, while standing in the store, I thought about all of that and realized I wasn’t paying attention enough to the small requests lately and that they matter, so we got all three kinds of Christmas-related Pez to add to our Advent presents.

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Our Advent Presents, So Far

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Since we didn’t start our Advent calendar until the third The Littles were able to pick out three things, oddly it was the three kinds of Christmas straws. Almost all the time at the dollar store I get asked for straws and almost all the time I don’t get them. They don’t look like the best straws and then I forget to buy them somewhere else. There is the candy cane ones in the middle, there is a lot of love for candy canes in my household. The red and white ones have four Santa heads on them. And the green and red ones have four red sections with twin candy canes. I was right, they aren’t the best straws, but they are well liked by others.

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These four neon colored dinosaurs are well liked as well. Dinosaurs are always well liked here. They are supposed to be erasers, but they were picked out because they are dinosaurs and they are now on the table where our computer is.

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This butterfly is a wind up toy where it moves and the wings go up and down. It is pretty cheaply-made, but for one dollar it is still fun to watch.

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These green and red balls were a great find at the dollar tree store. They were in this little white mesh bag with the name novelty ball. I didn’t know what they were, but I bounced one of them to get a feel for it, to see if it had enough air to bounce good and it started doing this:

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They light up and flash off and on. Needless to say they are a hit at home.