Healing Poems 818


She goes out to hang the windchime
in her nightie and her work boots.
It’s six-thirty in the morning
and she’s standing on the plastic ice chest
tiptoe to reach the cross beam of the porch,

windchime in her left hand,
hammer in her right, the nail
gripped tight between her teeth
but nothing happens next because
she’s trying to figure out
how to switch #1 with #3.

She must have been standing in the kitchen,
coffee in her hand, asleep,
when she heard it—the wind blowing
through the sound the windchime
wasn’t making
because it wasn’t there.

No one, including me, especially anymore believes
till death do us part,
but I can see what I would miss in leaving—
the way her ankles go into the work boots
as she stands on the ice chest;
the problem scrunched into her forehead;
the little kissable mouth
with the nail in it.

~ Tony Hoagland

Healing Quotes Teens 859

“More poetry is needed.”

~ Painted on the side of a building.

So Happy Anniversary

This week was my yearly anniversary for this blog. Happy eighth anniversary to me! To us! To us! 🙂

I had figured it out in advance and fully intended to write something in advance… and then didn’t. Life is getting in the way of all the things that I want to do.

I sure am looking forward to the end of this month! I definitely will be writing more about all of that in the near future. I just wanted to wait a bit and hold off on sharing the crappy stuff that has been happening lately until it was mostly resolved and a lot will be mostly resolved in about a week, here is to hoping, anyways.

I am happy to report that it is not bad news or bad health issues that has been disturbing and intruding into my life. And as I mentioned already I am highly hopeful that it will be over by the end of the month and the beginning of April. I sure am looking forward to that.

Reflecting on the past eight years has been one way that I celebrated my eight year anniversary. I sure see a lot of progress and healing in my life, and that sure is a happy-making process. I am particularly proud of all the work that we have done in the last four years on self-esteem and self-love. I’d been looking for that book for almost all my adult life, and probably most of my teenage years as well. It sucked so bad that there wasn’t something like that for me decades ago. I’m still working at those areas of healing and getting progress and change.

This blog has meant so much to me and continue to means so much to me. I am enjoying my return to blogging more this new year, and stay tuned, cause I am going to be doing it a lot more. I’ve been making plans for my birthday month, May, on the blog and I hope that you all enjoy it as that month goes by. We are very much looking forward to preparing our posts for our annual birth celebration in May. I hope to see you all more here and on your blogs. I’m so happy just thinking about it all. Good and healing thoughts to yous.

Healing Poems 817

The visible and the in-

Some people move through your life
like the perfume of peonies, heavy
and sensual and lingering.

Some people move through your life
like the sweet musky scent of cosmos
so delicate if you sniff twice, it’s gone.

Some people occupy your life
like moving men who cart off
couches, pianos and break dishes.

Some people touch you so lightly you
are not sure it happened. Others leave
you flat with footprints on your chest.

Some are like those fall warblers
you can’t tell from each other even
though you search Petersen’s.

Some come down hard on you like
a striking falcon and the scars remain
and you are forever wary of the sky.

We all are waiting rooms at bus
stations where hundreds have passed
through unnoticed and others

have almost burned us down
and others have left us clean and new
and others have just moved in.

~ Marge Piercy

Healing Quotes Teens 858

“Be the love you never received.”

~ Rune Lazuli

Healing Poems 816

Remnants still visible

Robins migrate, all schoolchildren
learn but here on the Cape, every
winter a flock forms and stays,
long frigid months after their
compatriots have flown south.

They live deep in the woods on
hips and berries wizened by cold.
Sometimes they appear here
among the feeder birds, one
or two almost outcasts.

Off Alaska when humpback whales
leave in fall as the waters freeze
and the world turns white, heading
for mating grounds off Hawaii
and Mexico, certain whales remain.

What makes a creature stay when
almost all of its kind have moved on?
In burned-out areas of Detroit,
you’ll notice one house still wears
curtains, a bike locked to the porch.

Sometimes in the suburbs among
tract houses with carpets of grass
one farmhouse lurks, maybe even
with a barn. I imagine its owner
grey and stubborn, still growing

the best tomatoes for miles, refusing
to plant inedible grass, fighting
neighbors about her chickens,
a rooster who crows at four,
her clothesline a flag of defiance.

~ Marge Piercy

Healing Quotes Teens 857

“Lord, give me the confidence of a mediocre white man.”

~ Sarah Hagi