Healing Quotes Littles 914

“Settle down and wild up.”

~ Saraha, @SarahaAnanda

Healing Quotes Littles 912

“Make like a phoenix and destroy who you were to become who you are.”

~ Phoebe Hancock, @FlashofFiction

Healing Quotes Littles 911

“You know all the stuff that’s getting triggered or falling away from your life… it’s because you can’t take it with you to the next stage.”

~ Maryam Hasnaa, @thatgirlhas

Healing Quotes Littles 910

“You get to be happy about a thing even when there is more work to do.”

~ Max Gladstone, @maxgladston

Healing Quotes Littles 909

“I have a crush on kindness.”

~ trajectory unknown, @trajectoryuk

Healing Quotes Littles 908

“It’s those little acts of defiance, that keep you, you.”

~ Ignoble Savage, @drayzze

Healing Quotes Littles 907

“I only ever wake up for books, baby animals with big trusty eyes, old bougainvillea trees and brave warrior girls who fight.”

~ Piece of the Moon, @hearticulate1