Healing Quotes Littles 948

“And sometimes you need to just stare at the sky for a while.”

~ probably awake, @JustTashie

Healing Quotes Littles 947

“Not now baby, I’m in a dance off with this wildflower.”

~ trajectory unknown, @trajectoryuk

Healing Quotes Littles 946

“If it’s any consolation, I’ve heard that when we die, we all come back as music.”

~ Kolibri_, @Kolibri0511

Healing Quotes Littles 945

“I still need a dragon and a dire wolf.”

~ followthatband, @followthatband

Healing Quotes Littles 944

“Even on my weakest days
I get a little bit stronger.”
~ Sara Evans

Healing Quotes Littles 943

“The beginning is near…”

~ The Oracle, @zinastar

Healing Quotes Littles 942

“Self love is not narcissism, but more importantly narcissism is not self love.”

~ emma magenta (twitter)