Free Reiki Sessions

I wanted to offer a gift to any of my readers, free Reiki sessions during the holiday season.

If you are a friend that I have already sent Reiki to you, and there were no negative issues, I will probably have you on my gift list already, so expect that you will receive three Reiki sessions between now and the 25th.

Just let me know by a comment below or by email, if you have it. If you comment below, let me know if you don’t want the comment posted and want to keep it private between the two of us.

Also, if you have any animals you would like to request Reiki for, just let me know and their names.

Good and healing thoughts to you all.

So That Doesn’t Work

Well I was interested in doing a gall bladder flush, but that won’t work for me. I can’t tolerate the apple juice even once and I am supposed to keep doing that two weeks, twice daily. I tried it on Thursday and my stomach area got much bigger from inflammation and the pain was really bad. So I had to stop that, which was very disheartening.

I have been doing Reiki healing sessions on myself the last ten days or so. So there is that. I am using the lipotropic supplement, which is an assist for kidney and gall bladder function.

I believe that since my digestive health issues are long-standing that my ability to metabolize vitamins and minerals has been negatively impacted, hence the several vitamin deficiencies I have experienced lo these many years and the necessity to take extra vitamins and minerals supplements.

Since starting on the probiotics about six weeks ago I feel that I am digesting foods much better and am hoping that will positively impact those areas of absorption of, vitamin d, iron, and iodine.

I am taking  vitamin supplements once again the last week or so, as I am able to tolerate taking them, which is great news, cause I really need them. I still need to go out and buy some vitamin d supplement, because I haven’t take those in over a year, since I was told my number was too high, which I totally disagreed on. It was a little high, but it was the beginning of winter and I wasn’t going to be getting much sun and with a history of vitamin deficiency I knew it would go down again without them. So I am testing at 50, which is too low as far as I am concerned, mostly because I feel so much better when my number is up higher. All I have to say about this experience is that doctors are a dope about vitamins.

Then of course there was the incompetent doctor I had for years who refused to believe in my digestive issues. I will always regret trusting him, especially since I realize that many of my issues were about my gall bladder and my stomach and he always brushed those concerns off that I expressed. Then of course there is also the chiropractor who never suggested any solutions outside of chiropractic. They like my money, but when it comes to giving me healing assistance, not so much healing gets reciprocated for my money and my insurance money.

It really has been the Reiki treatments over the years that have saved me and healed me and helped me manage. I am going to call my Reiki teacher and ask her if she has a Reiki healing share going on next Saturday, she has them on the first Saturday of the month, when she does them, and if so go next Saturday, as that always makes me feel tremendously better. If not I will ask her if she is interested in doing a Reiki share with the two of us sometime soon.

As I really can’t afford to pay $60 or more for one hour of Reiki. She used to charge that more than six years ago, so I have no idea what she is charging now. I know that I should be willing to pay for it, but it is just that I have spent so much on coping with being sick the last few months already and spent several hundred dollars that was meant to stay in my bank account already. I will see what she says. There is also another Reiki practitioner/teacher who I really love, so I might call her as well, but that will involve money as well, which is a lot of money to me. Well, I’ll let you all know how that goes.

Glad to Say I Am Feeling Better

I’m glad to say that I continue to improve and heal from my sinus infection. I hardly ever sneeze. I cough only rarely. My sinuses now feel somewhat painful instead of incredibly painful to the touch and almost normal. Oh my goodness that feels so much better and is such a relief.

I am doing Reiki energy healing on myself almost every day, as well as taking as good care of myself as I can. The Reiki really makes a noticeable difference in my functioning level. I can’t sleep at all on the nights that I don’t do Reiki, so I am trying really hard to make sure that I do Reiki, as I need the healing sleep so much more when I am sick. I slept a lot of hours yesterday and the day before that. I take that as a good sign.

It’s supposed to be cold again this week, the cold air from the north pole is coming to visit once again. I have to say how much I hate hate hate this cold weather with wind chills at minus 10 or worse. So much of the winter has been this bad and it is trying and tiring to have to restrict myself to my very small apartment and to have to try to go out into the bad weather for groceries. Going out for groceries one day last week made me much worse for several days, which pretty much makes me feel as though I can’t go anywhere without someone to drive me. For right now, it is good to stay inside and continue to get better, rather than worse. It is March and winter and I am yearning for nicer weather, though that might take some time.

The Reiki Healing Circle

About four months ago I started going to a Reiki healing circle that meets once a month. I’ve met several other very nice people who do Reiki. They do Reiki healing for free for anyone who shows up to the group. I’ve gotten some very powerful healing from them. I’ve been trying to talk and write about that and all it has done and the specific healing work that I have been doing since each session, but it has been hard for me to find the words, but I will try to post about that soon.

This month, for the first time I asked and was able to participate, and give Reiki healing energy to two other people that came to the group. That was wonderful. The two people were both artists and as an artist myself, I love and feel energized being around artists. So I got some Reiki healing energy for myself, got to give to others, and had a great time. 🙂

Christmas/Solstice Giveaway

Hey all!

I have decided to give some Christmas/Solstice gifts to my blog readers. There are four gifts. They are one hour each of Reiki distance healing.

I am a Reiki Master/Teacher and a Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher.

I don’t need to be with someone to give them an hour’s worth of Reiki, life force energy healing.

If you don’t know what Reiki energy healing is: here is a link

What is Reiki?

What do you need to do? Comment on this blog post or send me an email, if you have my email address.

Regular readers and regular commenters will be the first ones offered the gift and if there are more than four requesters, there will be a drawing. If you are not a regular reader or regular commenter, you could still receive the gift if there are less than four responders to the free Reiki offer. So leave me a comment here.

I will notify you by email of the gift. I usually do it overnight, so the person is sleeping, though that is not necessary. Or the person can lay down and relax, though that is not necessary either. Or you can take your pick of a time and date and let me know.

Creativity and Survivorhood

We are all creative. I think that creativity is an intrinsic part of life. We might have known this inside ourselves when we were children, but I believe it got shamed out of us.

I remember when I first started working on healing from ritual abuse. I was in the process of joining a support group for ritual abuse survivors, that was moderated by two women at the local sexual assault and abuse center. I had a one-on-one session with one of the women who had previously helped me find a therapist, with a referral to the therapist who worked at the center. I told her that I wished I could be creative and could create things and yearned to be creative so much. She looked at me and said, “well I don’t see that, everything about you is creative; the way you talk, the way you dress, the way you move through the world, you are creative. Give it some time, you will become more outwardly creative in other ways as well.”

I can’t say that I can see what she saw, even after all my healing work. But what I know is that I am creative and that it has been instrumental in my healing from childhood sexual abuse. What I also know that belief in creativity or being creative has very little to do with doing creative healing work and how effective it can be in healing from childhood sexual abuse.

Surprisingly I’ve been able to write a few poems lately sort of effortlessly. That has been incredibly wonderful and wonderfully shocking. So happy. I believe that I will be able to do it much more after moving.

I’ve been doing more creative expressions while doing Reiki distance healing work and Reiki energy healing on myself as well. I have been doing singing during sessions and am figuring out what I have been doing instinctively. It’s helping me to understand the value in my singing and toning and chanting during healing sessions. Seeing the energy healing work that I do as creative is helping me to understand and accept myself even further and deeper and to value myself much more.

I have plans on doing more creative healing work in the next months. I’m really excited and really looking forward to this next year. I will definitely be posting more about that and projects as time goes on.

Good News on Test Results

My tests came back negative, no H Pylori and negative on any problems on the testing for the polyp. All great news. All the causes of gastritis are things that I am not doing; no on use of aspirin, no on use of anti-inflammatories, no on use of alcohol and smoking, no on H Pylori. I get the stink eye from everyone I see when I tell them that, like they think I’ve got to be doing something I’m not admitting to. But I think the gluten intolerance/sensitivity issues could still be contributing to my still having these problems. Not sure.

Now I am going to get another appointment and try to convince the specialist to do a dna test for Celiac’s. I had one blood test done, but have been gluten free and so it wouldn’t show on the test. There is another test, but you also have to be eating gluten. The doctor said for two months, I told him there is no way I can eat gluten for two months.

I will be taking prilosec prescription medication for the next three months. I’ve been taking it for three days and already I can tell a big difference. My stomach is healing. I am hoping that it heals a lot and that would be so lovely. It would be totally great if my gluten issues where only a problem due to what I can heal from and eventually I can heal enough to eat gluten and be able to buy so much stuff cheaply and everywhere instead of having to spend so much extra money, time, effort, and energy living gluten free. It is expensive. It is exhausting.

I am giving myself Reiki healing energy and that always makes me feel better. I want to help myself to heal.

I am really looking forward to being well or even a little better, I could get used to a lot of being a little bit better and would be mind altered if I could really conceivably work towards total wellness. Ahh, bliss.