Month of Celebrating Life: Soil

23. soil

I’ve been thinking of soil lately. Since it has been snowy lately and there isn’t much soil around that is free of snow, I have been thinking today of what soil also means. To me it means a place of nourishing.

Definition 5: A place or condition favorable to growth; a breeding ground.

Thinking of many ways that my soul, my mind, my body, my selves get  nourishing/nurturing I thought of all the ways that I get what feeds and sustains me, what makes me happy and blissful, what fills the empty cracks and spaces inside myself, what makes my heart and soul soar and what makes me feel happy to be alive.

Giving myself nurturing is something that has always been difficult for me and quite a challenge for us. The more that I am doing it now, the easier it is getting, the more I believe that I deserve the little lovely things in life that make me happy and give me a deep sense of peace and contentment.

One way that does it for me is potato salad. That might seem odd to you, but to me it fits perfectly. My female parent used to make wonderful potato salad and all the siblings loved it. When I wasn’t associating with my sister or my mother I would hear stories later about how I missed a wonderful barbeque with potato salad. I would sometimes try potato salad that is deli made and never really liked them much by comparison, so I just would go without it for most of the year. I have found a few kinds that are better than others now and once in a while I go to Target and get some potato salad. I get a coffee at the Starbucks in the store and sit down for a nice read and nice inside picnic party, that nurtures me. What nurtures you? This week try to do one thing, you deserve it.

Month of Celebrating Life: Mother Nature

22. mother nature (Earth Day)

Thoughts several days ago of mother nature and Earth Day brought up lots of wonderful lush and growing images. The reality of mother nature today was something else entirely, what seems to be the start of a snowstorm. I did manage to go on a bike ride to the library today, two miles or so, to get some movies to watch, and then home again.

This whole month has been one whole exercise in managing expectation and disappointment. It is good practice. Not that I haven’t had tons of practice on these issues, just that I like to acknowledge that it is all a challenge and I am rising to the challenge and working on my healing issues. It’s good to see that in the midst of all that I have been going through this year, I am still up for the challenge and to give myself the credit that I deserve.

I am living. I am independent. I am paying my bills. I am taking care of myself. I am working on finding a new place to live. I am praying and thinking good thoughts for myself and my new abode. Friends and others are doing the same for me. I am blogging and reading other blogs. I am in contact with friends and that is something that gives me/us so much.

Month of Celebrating Life: Flower/Bud/Leaf

21. flower/bud/leaf

Stop, and look at the flowers.

Month of Celebrating Life: Sun

20. sun

Month of Celebrating Life: Grow

19. grow

In thinking about today’s photo challenge prompt word the last few days I’ve found myself thinking about lots of great ideas for a photo. I’ve thought of trying to find something fresh and new sprouting in the soil. I’ve thought of grass and trees and sunshine and growth. I’ve thought of the kind of growth that isn’t seen, inside someone, the kind of growth that is from healing and changing. I’ve thought of the physical kind of growth when thinking and looking at a little child. I decided that what I really wanted to take a photo of was a tree. But of the kind of tree you can’t see around my area yet, a tree that has some leaves on it. Then I thought of using a photo that I took from around the lake last summer or autumn. But I really wanted to take a post a new photo each day and didn’t want to use older photos.

Then I thought about food and the food we eat and how we are working hard to eat right and to take better care of ourselves. I thought about how hard it has been this month, because I had been trying to alter my eating habits a lot and it has been a real struggle. I thought about something that I heard on a seminar on changing your eating habits and the advice was to take it slow and make a few small changes at a time, because that is better and easier to sustain. I thought about how that has been so true in my life and in my healing and that I should try to do that instead of making huge changes that are too hard to sustain right now.

So I thought of taking a photo of some fresh food at the grocery store. I thought about different vegetables and fruits that I could use and then I thought of apples, they are grown from trees, and that seemed like the right thing to use for a photo today. And I bought some of the red delicious apples pictured above.

Month of Celebrating Life: Moment

18. moment

It snowed yesterday, wet, cold snow that turned to water upon landing on me. I knew it was going to snow more overnight. I had made no plans to do anything. It’s usually good to avoid the roads the next day after it snows by bike. They tend to be hard to navigate sometimes and the drivers tend to forget how to drive and how to obey the laws of the road.

Here is what I found outside this afternoon, a little unfinished snowperson.

Here is another shot to give you some idea of the scale of the snowperson, it is little, only about two feet tall, so I was thinking that was probably how tall the child or children were who made it.

Month of Celebrating Life: Fresh

17. fresh

Fresh strawberries, on sale. 🙂 I bought one pound.