Month of Celebrating Life: Sun

20. sun

Month of Celebrating Life: Grow

19. grow

In thinking about today’s photo challenge prompt word the last few days I’ve found myself thinking about lots of great ideas for a photo. I’ve thought of trying to find something fresh and new sprouting in the soil. I’ve thought of grass and trees and sunshine and growth. I’ve thought of the kind of growth that isn’t seen, inside someone, the kind of growth that is from healing and changing. I’ve thought of the physical kind of growth when thinking and looking at a little child. I decided that what I really wanted to take a photo of was a tree. But of the kind of tree you can’t see around my area yet, a tree that has some leaves on it. Then I thought of using a photo that I took from around the lake last summer or autumn. But I really wanted to take a post a new photo each day and didn’t want to use older photos.

Then I thought about food and the food we eat and how we are working hard to eat right and to take better care of ourselves. I thought about how hard it has been this month, because I had been trying to alter my eating habits a lot and it has been a real struggle. I thought about something that I heard on a seminar on changing your eating habits and the advice was to take it slow and make a few small changes at a time, because that is better and easier to sustain. I thought about how that has been so true in my life and in my healing and that I should try to do that instead of making huge changes that are too hard to sustain right now.

So I thought of taking a photo of some fresh food at the grocery store. I thought about different vegetables and fruits that I could use and then I thought of apples, they are grown from trees, and that seemed like the right thing to use for a photo today. And I bought some of the red delicious apples pictured above.

Month of Celebrating Life: Moment

18. moment

It snowed yesterday, wet, cold snow that turned to water upon landing on me. I knew it was going to snow more overnight. I had made no plans to do anything. It’s usually good to avoid the roads the next day after it snows by bike. They tend to be hard to navigate sometimes and the drivers tend to forget how to drive and how to obey the laws of the road.

Here is what I found outside this afternoon, a little unfinished snowperson.

Here is another shot to give you some idea of the scale of the snowperson, it is little, only about two feet tall, so I was thinking that was probably how tall the child or children were who made it.

Month of Celebrating Life: Fresh

17. fresh

Fresh strawberries, on sale. 🙂 I bought one pound.

Month of Celebrating Life: Favorite Moment of the Day

16. favorite moment of the day

Seeing the local Dairy Queen lit up and open was my favorite moment of the day. I was looking forward it to opening for business again for the warmer weather, for the last several weeks, but then on the coldest day last week, right before it started snowing, I noticed it was open. That day was too cold to eat the ice cream outside, because they don’t have inside seating, so I decided to put off my first visit of the year until it was warmer.

Here is a photo of what I got, a medium hot fudge sundae:

Month of Celebrating Life: Passion Part 2

15. passion

Yesterday I really wanted to get a photo of the sun for the photo challenge. No sun, but the sun was out mighty nicely today, so here it is.

Month of Celebrating Life: Passion

15. passion

I wanted to take a photo of the sun today. But no sun, just clouds and an overcast feeling to everything. But as I was walking out my building and towards the street with my bike I saw these two robins. Unfortunately they hopped quickly in the other direction. Let me just say that for me the first robin of the Spring is a very big deal and I cannot remember ever seeing two of them at the same time. It made me very happy indeed. 🙂

Month of Celebrating Life: Laughter

14. laughter (International Day of Laughter)

“Laughter is a sunbeam of the soul.”
~ Thomas Mann, The Magic Mountain

Seinfeld, The Library, Season 3, Episode 5.

Since today was rainy and an inside day for me, sleep, wake up, take a nap, kind of day, I didn’t plan on going out to take a photo. I knew exactly what I wanted to take a picture of from my computer monitor, a scene of Seinfeld that makes me laugh every time.

A library cop, Mr. Bookman, wants Jerry to pay up for a library book he took out while in high school and never returned. When I need to laugh or just want to, a Seinfeld episode is the thing for me. Happy International Day of Laughter.

Month of Celebrating Life: Joy

13. joy

For me, for us, joy is in the doing. Joy is there in the little moments that mean so much to us, being able to get out and do things. It doesn’t just mean getting out and about either. It means reading and watching shows and talking to people and interacting with friends. The joy of life is in the doing.

Month of Celebrating Life: Unhindered

12. unhindered

Tonight I rode my bike over to my favorite old style diner. It’s been there more than thirty years. I love to go there and have their Ranch Breakfast, with scrambled eggs, bacon, and half of a platter full of hash browns. I can’t go as often as I would like, due to money issues, but I go as often as I can. I sit, I sip coffee, I read, I eat, I read some more.

It might seem odd that going to a diner for a meal by myself might fall under the concept of unhindered, but it does, especially to me. I know that I’ve written some on my blog about the me that I want to be, the me that I think that I am, and the various kinds of me that others see, including my family. I know that I’ve written about wanting to be the truest freest most unhindered me and that she is the me that I love the most, the one that makes me and us the happiest and how much we want to be free to be this person. Most notably for me on this post; What I Really Wish I Was. Going out in public, being unself-conscious, having a good time, interacting with others, those are a big part of who I want to be, unhindered.