Letter to Santa From The Littles

Dear Santa,

Before writing to you we discussed with Kate what kind of things to ask for. She wanted us to be realistic, not in the things we asked for, but for the intangibles that we wanted to ask for from you as well. Okay we will try to be more realistic in that way, and not ask for world peace, for example, which is what we have always wanted more than anything else in the world, and instead ask for tangibles and some intangibles thrown in as well, things that we would like to happen in our life for us Littles.

I hope that you won’t think we are writing to the point of avarice and that we understand that many of the things we ask for might not come in the morning, but have to wait for a while and might come from others or Kate. We understand. We really do. We are very patient. Sometimes it is important to wish for something, so that your wishes can get out into the universe.

We have several small balls, but we don’t have any big balls and we would like some. Since we have a glove, we would like a softball, and a football, and a volleyball, and a basketball, and a soccer ball. We also would like to have two badminton racquets, so we can play with someone else if we ever find someone to play with, and lots of shuttlecocks so that we have plenty to play with without having to get up and retrieve them from where we are sitting.

We would also like to have lots more board games, cause we love them and have lots of fun playing them.

We recently saw a Trivia Seinfeld game that we think we would like a lot. Many of us Littles watched the show over the years it was on and since then as well. Though Kate has said that many of the topics on the show were adult and not something for us to watch, she has allowed us to continue being fans of the show. There are several Seinfeld games, so just to be sure you understand, we want the “Seinfeld Trivia game” and the Seinfeld Clue game would not go amiss either.

Mostly importantly, for the board games, are people wanting to play them and who have good sportsmanship when it comes to playing. Otherwise we can’t have any fun with the games.

A few potent words here, coloring books. We have them and some new crayons, but they stay new, we need time to color and more coloring books. Kate says no far too often.

This past year Kate bought us a lot of dolls and a couple of stuffed bears. But we would like some more stuffed animals, different kinds and some plastic animals as well. We just have a few dinosaurs and a rhinoceros right now. We would definitely like an elephant and a giraffe.

And the girls say that they would definitely love some more dolls, especially some ethnic little dollies that they love so much.

But us boys, Santa, we don’t have a lot of boy toys. we don’t have any Star Trek or Star Wars, but we would especially like some Star Trek toys. We would also like to be able to start a robot collection, nothing rare or expensive, just a few robots that we could put on a shelf would be great and we do look at the used stores, but lots of those are in bad condition and not worth having. We don’t have any hot wheels or tractors or fire trucks or barns or farms and seriously we would like to start getting something in that area of the toy department.

As well I know that we have lots of craft books, but not a lot of supplies and not a lot of crafting is going on. So that is another Santa wish for us.

Also dress up and fun clothes, feather boas, infinity scarfs, little hats, and as always comfortable clothes to bike in. Also someone to go biking with and to go to movies with. There are some great animated movies, fantasy and science fiction movies that we would love to see in the theater. We would love to go see the last Hobbit movie in the theater, if at all possible.

We would also like a nicer bigger apartment. Our apartment is so small, we’ve lived in studio apartments in the past that were even bigger than this one. And we would like to live somewhere with an elevator. Going up and down the stairs is very taxing for us right now and sometimes limits how much we get out and about.

We are on the waiting list for the apartment complex on the other side of downtown with bigger apartments and an elevator, which will be great to get to move there, Santa please say some good words for the people in charge of the list. We promise to be a good tenant there.

If we were really dreaming we would ask for a good treadmill, and a good stationary exercise bike. We have used ones that are very inexpensive, so the quality is not so good. We are using them and hoping for something better.

A new great bed would also be wonderful as that would do as much to improve our health as the exercise equipment. With our health issues we just don’t have good sleep and a great bed would hopefully help that.

Also dear Santa more doggies in our life. We love doggies. We promise to be good to them and to take care of them and love them and train them. We know we can’t afford to have one right now, financially and spacially. But more doggies in our life will brings lots more love, laughter, and happiness into it. So please Santa try to think of a way for us to be around doggies more.

Since we can’t have a doggie in our apartment could you please talk to Kate about talking to the apartment manager about what kinds of pets we could have. It says in our lease that we need written permission so we need to find out about that. A fish, even, might be nice.

Dear Santa thank you so much for reading our letter, caring and loving us and all the children of the world, for all the teens of the world, and for all the little children inside all of the adults of the world. We love you and you mean so much to us. You mean so much to us, all year round.

Good and healing thoughts to you, to your wonderful wife, and to all your helpers around the world.

With love and admiration,

The Littles

Elf, the Movie.

You know what? I’m not a big fan of the movie Elf. And now they’ve made it into a musical! I kind of got suckered into seeing it under false pretensions. Before the movie was released they were having commercials geared towards adults to go see this movie. This guy, who dresses like an elf, was raised by elves, at the North Pole, a comedy, ha ha. A relative and I went to see it the first weekend it was out. And everyone else in the audience were kids and their parents. That was when we had a clue, either they were all wrong for the movie or we were. We were. After the first weekend I noticed they started advertising the movie for kids. Good plan.

The Littles however have quietly loved the movie. They usually convince me to watch it once a year. I saw a used copy of the movie at the used store and they managed to convince me to buy it for them. We haven’t seen it yet, but oh yes they will convince me again.

It is just one of those things that I have to suffer through, cause I really don’t like some things that they do. I’ve always insisted no purple dinosaurs. And I can’t really abide Dora the little explorer girl. But we have watched episodes of Go Diego Go and for days after the songs in the show will dance merrily around in my head. I’ll find myself singing out loud apropos of absolutely nothing Diego Diego Go Diego Go or Ah Rescue Pack! Coming to the Rescue. I’d rather remember lyrics to other songs.

Most of the animated movies I love. However at times I’m not very appreciative of the shows and movies that they want to watch. For the most part I manage to get them some of what they want and I have really dedicated this month to letting them watch a whole bunch of animated movies and shows as well as Christmas ones too. They have been telling me lately that I need to stop complaining about the quality of the shows or characters while they are watching, because it interferes with their enjoyment of the shows. So I’m trying.

Something I read recently is helping me to appreciate the movie Elf and their enjoyment of it. It’s an article at a blog I recently discovered, positively present, and the article is called 10 life lessons from the movie elf. Some of my favorite lessons are make smiling your favorite, give out compliments freely, don’t give up, and let life excite you. I like that.

May To-Do List for Littles

play catch with doggies

talk to doggies

sit in the sun

blow bubbles


ride the bike

bike around lake

watch movies

watch tv shows

put together 100-piece puzzles

play our kids music tapes

look through some of our nature books

go to kids websites

go to library and get music and books

read kids books

take nice, warm showers

do reiki drumming

do crafts

do coloring books

play with super high bouncy ball


ice cream

go to sonic and get their cherry limeaid with pineapple pieces on the bottom.

The Month of May

I will be hosting the Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse for the month of May. I had planned on hosting May last year, but sadly, because of moving and computer access issues was not able to do it.

The topic I have chosen is Self-Care. Please feel free to submit a post on self-care or anything else. Submissions deadline is May 18th, posting the carnival May 20th at six pm, central time. I’ll post more details on May 1st.

With that in mind I have decided to spend more time doing more things with my inner kids during the whole month of May. What is apparent is that I have not been taking very good care of their wants and needs lately.

Unfortunately I get scared and it is just easier to ignore those things that scare me about being multiple. I just have to admit that I have fears about the system and my ability to handle everything. I’ve been fearing being overwhelmed and unable to cope, which is pretty ridiculous based on our past history and a huge under-estimation of my abilities, based on the facts at hand. 

My life has been one stress after another the last couple of years and their cares and concerns have been relegated to the bottom of the priority list. So I am trying to approach this from a self-care perspective. I have ignored certain self-care issues and I need to do better with that.

I’ve been working on the issues of grounding and comfort skills the last couple of months and it has slowly occured to me that I need to work on self-care within the system, not just the daily needs, but also the daily wants in order for us all to be more grounded to this world, our body, and our life. The one area I ignore far too much is the Littles.

I have let them pick out all the quotes, songs, etc for the month, they will be posted on even days. On the odd days of the month I will be posting about how the process is going.

I already know some things that I want to do this next month. I’ve kept a running list in my head. I need to write things down, as I tend to forget things. Lists help me. I’ll post an intial short list of to-do requests from the Littles tomorrow afternoon.

We already went out and bought bubbles. I don’t know about any of you, but there is nothing that quite lifts my spirits as blowing bubbles, it just makes me feel happy.

Second on the list is a sparkly high bouncing ball. I’ve had several smaller ones, but they seem to get misplaced or lost. The one that I want, that I have always thought was too expensive  cost about seven dollars. We love high bouncing balls. They too make me feel very happy.

It should be an interesting month.  🙂