Up, Up, and Away


I watched the movie Up again recently. Basically it is about a crotchety old man and a young boy on a very big adventure. There is a part in the story when things are going very bad and the crotchety old man says, I didn’t want this kind of adventure. I don’t remember that part from the first time I saw the movie.

It brought up a lot of thoughts about my move almost two years ago to another state. I had thought that moving to another state would be a very big adventure. I’d move to live with a “friend,” someone who loved me and cared about me. Someone who said they would spend lots of time with me. Someone who talked to me and watched shows and movies with me, someone who cared about my daily life, to do actitivities together. She told me all those things and I believed her. Those were all lies.

So I lived in that state and then in another before coming back to my home state.  It was a very big adventure, just not the ones that I wanted or needed or had hoped for. At times I was alternately like the crotchety old man and the young boy. And like both of them I am tenacious.

So seeing the movie again reminded me that very big adventures come with no guarantees, sometimes they are great and sometimes the greatest part is what you do internally and emotionally that makes the adventure a great thing.

The movie reminded me of my adventures out-of-state. All the good and all the bad. It was a lot like that. Except for the talking dogs.


Cherry Limeades in the Rain

All of the month of May went by and I didn’t get over to Sonic for a cherry limeade with pineapple pieces on the bottom. One-third of June gone by and I finally got over there. It was cold and the rain started before we got done drinking it. And I had to ride my bike away in a cold rain.

As always I thought the drink was too sweet. There wasn’t enough limes in it and the pineapple chunks were also significantly less than a year ago. (I think I might have to try to make one at home. Saw there were recipes online. Will have to check that out.) The Littles loved it.

 The Littles had a great time. I’m awed by their enthusiasm, even in the face of it all.

Do You Mega Mind?


Another great movie by DreamWorks. We loved it. Gotta see this one many times. A few reasons:

Two villians, again.

A minion sidekick, and get this, his name is actually Minion. Totally hilarious, looks like a piranha, in a space suit. Oddly his face reminds me of one of the doggies that I love. Hilarious.

Who’s the menacing little cyborg?

Oh potato, tomato, potato, tomato. (All pronounced the same.)

Will Ferrell and David Cross. Say no more.

One of my favorite lines in the movie:

I’m so tired of running rampant in the streets.

Cookie Robots?

Despicable Me

I loved this movie.

A few of the reasons:

two super villians.

wearing yellow smiley faces boxers to a caper and then the pants falling down.

one of the villians blowing popcorn out of his nose.

little yellow minions, what the heck some of them have one eye and some have two eyes, what the heck?

cookie robots.

little yellow minion butt copying.

three little orphan girls looking for a daddy.

winning one of the little girls a stuffed unicorn.

really, really bad dancing.

a life-long obsession of going to the moon, but seriously dude really, in order to steal it?  🙂

The Month, So Far

24 hours and the month is done. Giving more time and attention to self-care for The Littles was both harder and easier than I thought it would be. It is true, there is only so much energy that I have to expend into every day. Even so what I learned is that I cannot horde my energy, my time. Because it is not only my time, my energy, my body, my life. I am a we and my life is a shared life and I need to do more to acknowledge that and share within the system.

I was tired out a lot this month and I didn’t even do that much physical activity. The weather was cold and had large bouts of wind and rain this month, interspersed with some rather lovely days. We would have prefered sunnier days and more biking.

I was tired out a lot and tried to listen to that, some of the time. I took more naps and put more things off than I would have liked, but it was necessary. I’ve had some very difficult health issues in recent months and that continues to take time, energy, effort, and capacity away from me.

The Teens got more time to do some of the things they wanted. June will be a month for some more of their favorites to be indulged in. They still haven’t made up a list, but I have received enough requests this month to start on for the beginning of June and will try to get a list up and posted as soon as possible, so I can write about that process as well.

I think I made a pretty good start. The Littles made a list for the month and there are a few things we did not do at all. I kept forgetting to buy popsicles at the store when I was there. I didn’t get to Sonic for a cherry limeade with pineapple pieces on the bottom. I didn’t color once, but I will keep trying on that. I didn’t do any crafts. I have lots of books and lots of supplies. I haven’t used my Reiki drum this month, even though I wanted to. There is still today to try to fit those things in. And then there is next month and the month after that, etc. Lots of months again and lots of more lists and things to do.  🙂

Medals of …

Recently we watched the movie Nanny MacPhee 2. I haven’t seen the first one in a while, but I liked it a lot. I wanted to re-watch the first one, but the Littles didn’t want to, and since I made them rewatch the first two Shreks, I felt bad and gave in this time. So we only watched the second one.

We didn’t like it as much. There is a scene when Nanny meets the children and they don’t want to obey her and she taps her walking stick on the floor and they end up hitting themselves. We really, really didn’t like that. We don’t like any movies where kids are shown being hit or hurt, even if it is only a movie, even if it is only a fantasy movie, even if they don’t get hurt much. As those type of scenes go, it was pretty mild.

We enjoyed the movie, just not as much as the first. We liked the romance element in the first movie. This one wasn’t written as well and the story wasn’t as much fun.

We liked that she was there to teach the five children five lessons. We thought they were all good lessons. It’s just that as every survivor learns and knows, lessons have to be learned over many times before it becomes automatic and an internal part of a person.

One thing that we loved a lot was that Nanny MacPhee had medals pinned onto her blouse. One of the children asked her what the medals were for. She said, courage, kindness, resolve, imagination, enthusiasm, basketwork, and leaps of faith. At the ending of the movie, Nanny walks away. Each of the children have one of her medals pinned onto their clothes. We liked that a lot.

We have talked about it and decided we want some medals of our own:








A Few Things

The month has not gone according to plan. I ended up spending time and energy on the blog carnival, I should have known that would take time and energy away from The Littles, but I just didn’t think of that. Regardless it was great to do. I’m glad that I was able to host it. I’ve wanted to do that for a long time. Next time I will know to set aside more time and energy commitment to the project.

This past week I have also given The Teens a lot of time. They wanted to watch the tv shows. I should have told them no, we’ll do it next month, but that really didn’t work, after a few days I really thought that I should let them start on some shows.

We watched a few episodes of the show Roswell. Now I know they like Sci-fi, well I do too, so that works out good for us all. We started watching the series Stargate Atlantis from the beginning as well, again. As well as Say Yes to the Dress. We are in the middle of the fourth season. They also got me started on watching the movies by Stieg Larsson, the first one being The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo. We are currently in the middle of the second movie. They also wanted time to decide on what quotes they would post to the blog for next month.

So you can see how that could be time consuming. I notified them that meant that they had to share some of their alloted time next month to The Littles to make up for the time lost.

I lost a lot of time twice dealing with computer issues and then my email being broken into. This is life with a computer, unfortunately. I’m trying to catch up on blog reading, slowly doing that.

 Too many commitments and that is an old habit of mine. I need to work on that. My energy level is not what I would like it to be, but I have to accept it.

I got to a point in the month when I was just tired out all the time. Tired out and sleepy and the month isn’t over with yet. Today I slept twelve hours straight through. That was great, except I woke up tired out and sleepy and I am still feeling that way.

We are also going out for meals two days this week. That should be wonderful. We are happy and looking forward to that.

Healing Vids 3

Gentle Rain, Sounds of Nature

I started listening to this, posted at youtube, a few months ago. It was on a day that I was feeling very triggered and needed some calming down. There are tons of vids out there to watch and listen to that might help in healing. We repeatedly go to this one.

Biking Home With the Moon

It’s almost a full moon. Well it will be on Tuesday night. Monday night I was riding my bike home with a beautiful, gorgeous almost full moon. It looked very big in the sky, all lit up. It was so great to be biking towards the moon.

I went out for an ice cream sundae in the evening. It was great. I got a chocolate ice cream sundae with hot caramel syrup on it. It is sort of my current favorite. I forgot to bring a book to read while there. It is a favorite spot of mine, with picnic benches that are next to the store. When it is nice out it is great to have a treat there and take a reading break. The store plays the classic public radio station, my favorite. I don’t know what it is, but I love to listen to the music out in the open air. The whole experience has a nice feel to it.

Then I went out to eat, just a small meal, since I had already eaten my dessert first. It was fun. I was getting tired but I wanted to stop at target and get some things, since I was in the area.

So I walked around target and looked at the toys, the clothes, tennis shoes, and books. It was kind of upsetting, no new books I was willing to buy. I only buy books that I keep the series, the others I get at the library.

I looked at the bigger sky balls, but still couldn’t decide to buy another one. I think that they cost too much. I had decided that I will buy some more balls, a soccer ball, a football, and a basketball. The Littles have been wanting them for some time, and I have kept putting it off. I will probably use some of my birthday money for all the balls they want to own.

I also bought three stretchy shirts, so hopefully the Teens will be happier with the recent wardrobe choices I have been making. That makes eight new tshirt/stretchy shirts we have gotten this month.

Looking at the moon on the ride home reminded me to look out for stars when I got home. I sat outside and looked around some. It took me some effort, but I did find the Big Dipper, partly obscured by a huge tree. Stars, it was bliss.

The Bee’s Knees

The Bee Movie

I’ve seen this movie before, but was surprised at how much I had missed. I remembered the basic plot, but most of the really fun stuff I had forgotten.

Barry is a bee not satisfied with what his life is destined to be. He wants to go outside the hive, looking for something more than working and dying.

Vanessa Bloom is a florist, a human florist, who saves Barry’s life. An oddball relationship ensues.

Shockingly Barry discovers that bee product and bee culture are being stolen by humans. He decides to sue humans. Taking honey away from humans leads to an over-abundance of honey with no incentive to work. Bee culture stagnates. Lack of pollenation shows to everyone the interdependence humans have with bees and nature. Barry’s and all bees reconnection to humans and nature is a good lesson.

I could say it was a good point. Survivors of abuse can well relate to being dissatisfied with the life they are living and will continue to live. Barry’s search for meaning and love in his life is one that most survivors have felt the need for. Realizing an interdependence among beings is a process most survivors are terrified of and healed by establishing connections to others and nature.

But then I would rather focus on how hilarious it was. We had a good time. We enjoyed it a lot.