Healing with Humor 2: What’s Funny About Cylon Toast?

One of the few comedies that I do watch and love is The Big Bang Theory. It’s about four adult colleagues/friends who work at the same University. They are scientists who are brilliant, but lacking in social skills. As self-described science nerds they also love science-fiction, fantasy, gaming, and comic books. Enter one pretty perky waitress/actress across the hall from where two of the scientists live. And more than comedy ensues.

Since I have been working on having more humor in my life one of the things that came to mind was this show. I have finally caught up with the series by watching season three and loved it so much I watched season one again. I love this show. It makes me laugh.

There is a lot in the show that I relate to. The feeling of being different, of not fitting in, or not being wanted or loved. I too understand how society tends to judge and reject people who are smarter than the average bear. I see too how so many chase after the beautiful guy or girl, no matter how few good qualities they possess while rejecting immediately someone who is not a jock or a beauty queen. This is an intrinsic part of the show and yet there is laughter. They laugh at themselves. They laugh at each other. They laugh at society. And then there are the parts where they don’t get it and don’t see the humor and we all laugh.

Having a toaster with a Cylon on the side that imprints an image of a cylon’s head onto the toast is funny. Sheldon making a pile of Cylong toast is funny. Leonard suggesting that Sheldon take the toast over to the football party for something funny to do is funny. Sheldon , all serious, says, what’s funny about Cylon toast? A nerd taking toast with a science fiction show’s imprint on it to a jock party would be funny to everyone there. So even though Sheldon doesn’t see what’s funny about Cylon toast, we do. and they do it in such a light-hearted way that it is easy to laugh. I don’t have a Cylon toaster, but the episode made me want to have one and for that, too, I laugh.

Healing with Humor 1: Raise Your Hand if You Vacuum Topless to Carly Simon

I’ve noticed recently that I try to get myself to enjoy more funny things, watch more funny tv shows and movies. But at each time I reflect on that, I’m not doing much more to use humor in a healing way as a survivor.

I have noticed recently that I am more consistently doing body love work. I think that has been helped along a great deal with my postings about body love here on the blog, as well as trying to practice that in my daily life. So I thought that my healing with humor could use some encouragement by blogging about it.

I understand that my kind of humor, or what makes me laugh, might not be what others find funny. I hope that they wouldn’t find it offensive either. But sometimes humor can be.

The suggestion that others might vacuum topless to Carly Simon is something that made me laugh. Not necessarily the line, because it could be seen as being offensive. But the show and in the context of the show. It was on an epsidoe of Psych that I watched recently. I love the show. It consistently makes me laugh. The fake psychic on the show was trying to distract a roomful of people while the guest speaker was being delayed for safety reasons. This is the line he came up with. It was particularly bad. No one raised their hand. I laughed.

The laugh was good. I don’t much find myself laughing at situation comedies or comedy movies that much anymore.  It felt good. It felt good to be alive. And it reminded me that I need to do that more and seek out ways of doing that more. So here I am blogging about it. I’ve been watching more things that I find funny and will post more soon. I’m not sure if laughter is healing. But I’m still going to try to embrace it more… and I will not be vacuuming at the same time, or listending to Carly Simon.