Crafts for Littles 18

Van Gogh Sunflower Art Project

Van Gogh’s Starry Night

Van Gogh Landscapes

Jackson Pollack Painting Style

Kadinski Inspired Painting

Dora Maar Art Lesson

Joan Miro Art Project

Cezanne Still Life

Klimt’s Tree of Life

Eric Carle’s Snowman

Matisse Portraits

Picasso Oil Pastel Faces

Expressive Face Fred Babb

Gustav Klimt Art Project

Georgia O’Keefe Flowers

Matisse Inspired Name Panels

Laurel Burch Cat Art Project

Crafts for Littles Archive

Crafts for Littles 17

Paint from Sweetened Condensed Milk

Spiral Paintings with Lazy Susan

Ice Cube Painting

Treasure Stick Bags

Sew a Wall Hanging

Make a Katy Perry Costume

Wind Up Paper Butterflies

Crafting with Pool Noodles

Self-Expression Cape

Water Goblet Xylophone

DIY Board Game

DIY Drum Set

Happy Trees

Glass Sculptures

Soda Bottle Fish

Card Family

Bead & Wire Person

Finger Weaving

Branch Vase

Birdhouse Ornament

Modern Dollhouse Idea

Make Music Instruments

Crafts for Littles Archive

Crafts for Littles 16

Bell Shaker

Alligator Craft

Make Crayons

Chalk Spray

Sidewalk Paint

Bathtub Paint

Rain Painting

Mud Paintings

Gluten-Free Play Dough

Macrame Bracelet

Stretchy Bracelets

Comic Strip Bracelet

CD Weaving

Hula Hoop Loom

Shoebox Lid Weaving

40 Toddler Crafts

30 Plus Crafts & Activities for Toddler Boys

Crafts for Littles Archive

Crafts for Littles 15

Crafts for Littles 8 (Holidays)

Christmas Crafts

Jingle Bell Bracelet

Cranberry Wreath

Recycled Mini Wreaths

Popsicle Stick Trees

Construction Paper Trees

Ornament Card

Striped Tree Card

Glitter Ornaments

Glitter Tree Ornaments

Paper Pouch Advent Calendar

Child Art Advent Calendar

Handprint Reindeer

Glitter Animals

Xmas Fabric Trees

Chocolate Candy Trees

Christmas Tree Centerpiece

Recycled Reindeer

Crafts for Littles Archive

Crafts for Littles 14

Hula Hoop Rug

Tin Can Drums

CD Case Diorama

Jean Pocket Pouches

Paper Purse

Wish Charms

Cardboard Handbags

Butterfly Mask

Mosaic Mask

Clothespin Fairies

Sparkling Constellation

Cardboard Hats

Make Maracas

Musical Tube

Heart Pouches

Cube Boxes

Treasure Box

Paper Lanterns

Dancing Wand

Make Your Own Bell

Watercolor Jelly Fish

Beach Art

World Beach Project

Window Art

Crafts for Littles Archive

Crafts for Littles 12

Three-Bead Angel Charm

Clay Heart Necklace

Color Collages

Ceramic Pendants

Recyled Jean Bag

Sock Bunnies

Felted Bunny

Marshmellow Bunny Plushies

Painting Doll Faces

Making Masks

Wire Dragonfly

Dancing Giraffes

Paper Dolls

Hina Wood Dolls

Recycled Robot

Magic Bottles

Chinese Noise-Maker

Chinese Fan

Fancy Cats

Homemade Bath Crayons

Crayon Cookies

Crafts for Littles Archive

Crafts for Littles 11

Literature Based Crafts Projects

Paper Birds

Doggie Pattern

Eames House of Cards

Cereal Box Houses

Comet Ball

Winter Queen

Twig Butterflies

Tree Cones

Alien Puppets

No Sew Sock Dolls

Tin Can Sculptures

Gargoyles Scupltures

Rainbow Bracelets

Painted Shoes

Baby Wipe Tie-Die

Easy Tie-Die

Duct Tape Tote Bag

Kite Bookmarks

Beach Art

Colored Ice Stepping Stones

Alphabet Pebbles

Handprint Angels

Salt Painting

Faux Stained Glass

Make Maracas

Musical Shakers

A Harp Box

Coffee Can Drum

Make Musical Instruments

Make an African Drum

Crafts for Littles Archive