Crafts 6

Elf Stockings

Epsom Salt Candles

Scrap Ribbon Lights

Christmas Mason Jars

Mason Jar Snow Candles

Mason Jar Christmas Candles

Snowflake Mason Jar Candles

Waterless Snow Globes

Textured Bottle Display

Cotton Ball Trees

Angel Ornament

Mitten Ornament

Cookie Cutter Ornaments

Scrabble Word Ornaments

Framed Christmas Ornament

Wax Pine Cones

Faux Mercury Glass Trees

Faux Mercury Glass Ornaments

Make a Christmas Village

Noel Sign

Advent Tree

Personalized Handprint Trees

Holiday Terrarium

Solstice Lantern

Star Trek Ornaments

Tissue Paper Trees

Tinsel Garland Wreath

A Christmas Wreath

Marbelized Glass Ornaments

Tropical Angel Ornament

Xmas Ball Bouquet

Christmas Tree Canvas

Baby Jar Advent Calendar

Framed Advent Calender

Sweater Tree

Poster Board Xmas Trees

Beaded Mini Xmas Tree

Collapsable Wire Xmas Tree

Minimalist Xmas Tree

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Crafts 5

Mini Dress Form Jewelry Stand

Dress Form

Plaster Sculpture

3D Postcard Panorama Box

Starburst Mirror

Painted Vases

Lace Mirror

Stencil with Doily and Sharpie

Japanese Paper Dolls

Bottle Cap Magnet

Coasters from Tiles

Tile Coasters

Tea Cup Candles

Teacup Candles

Faux Gilded Votives

Lovebird Bookhouse

Birdhouse from Children’s Book

Revolutionary Monster

Tshirt Bag

Dog Food Bag Tote

Record Album Cover Box

Reusing Old Jars

Recycled Puzzle Pieces

Paper Bracelet

Grocery Bag Origmai Pouches

Soap Box Canvases

Crafts Archive

Crafts 4

How to Make Earrings

Make a Power Bracelet

Popsicle Stick Bracelet

Make Hemp Jewelry

Make Wire Jewelry

Make a Beaded Necklace

Make a Tin Cup Necklace

Washer Necklace

Temporary Tatoo Pendant

Keyboard Pendant

Feather Earrings

Make a Floating Illusion Necklace

Mini Mannequin Jewelry Holder

Shrinky Dink Ring

Easy Peasy Ring

Newspaper Beads

Melted Bead Bowl

Birdcage Hanger

Vinyl Record Purse

Make a Cabinet of Curiosities

Vintage Book Expanding File

Fairy Wings

Fairy Light Globe

Canvas with Fairy Lights

Luxe Snow Globes

Art Dolls

Goddess Doll

Tin Man with a Heart

Baby Head Paper Weight

Crafts Archive

Crafts 3

Cut Out and Keep (Site with lots of sewing and jewelry tutorials, has goth tutorials.)

Hat and Mittens from Old Sweater

Peasant Top from Men’s Shirt

Bathrobe to Housepants

A Dress from Socks

Sockies from Socks

Silk Shirt Refashion

TShirt Dress

TShirt Pillow

TShirt Memory Scarf

TShirt Wall Art

20 Minute Skirt

Old Dress into Skirt

Skirt from Tablecloth

CD Case Labyrinth

Woven Trivet

Woven Lamp

Collage Blocks

Small Serving Trays

Birch Bark Basket

Lace Lamp

Frosted Votive

Music Candles

Mini Greenhouse

Doily Mirror

Cooking with Tea: Ice Cream

Crafts Archive

Crafts 2

Geisha Dolls

Merbaby Doll

Cloth Doll Making

Dollhouse Drawers

Greenhouse Cloche

Sneaker Planter

Make a Book Bag

Make a T-Shirt Bag

Tropical Angels

Japanese Paper Dolls

Japanese Paper Dolls

Japanese Paper Doll Cards

Russian Nesting Doll Card

Teacup Card

Angel Ornament

Salvaged Wool Jewelry

Eyeglass Brooches

Fun Washer Necklaces

Magazine Bowl

Fabric Bowl

Globe Bowl

Paper Hats

Little House

Gel Wax Candle Holders

Tshirt Wreath

Crafts Archive

Crafts 1

Blue Jeans Denim Bag Purse

Altered Purse

No Sew Bag

Purse Bling

Chandelier Pendant

Spoon Pendant

Love Bubbles

Cut and Paste Necklaces

Alcohol Ink Tiles

Mixed Media Tissue Paper Technique

Painting Glass

Papier Mache Bowls

Framed Cardboard Holder

Assembled Boxes

Doily Bowl

Paper Weave

Holiday Sparkle Earrings

Fun Necklaces

Copper Birdbath

Altered Puzzle Pieces

Mosaic Bird Bath

Mosaic Bird Baths

Beach Mobile

Twig Lantern

Bee in Skep

Crafts Archive